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If you have been turned into a Vampire, Lycan, Angel, or Demon, you will suffer a nightly Curse that takes the metrics associated with your race.

The Amulet protects its wearer from the effects of The Curse. Any type of amulet will prevent the Curse entirely, meaning that any type of amulet prevents the curse for all races. The amulets come in increments of protection of 5 days, 14 days, 30 days, and endless protection (shown). Once the Amulet's power has expired, you will keep the object itself, but The Curse will resume exacting its daily toll of metric from your system. The Amulet need not be worn constantly to take effect. Once rezzed or worn, its effects will begin to work and the piece itself can be put back into your inventory.


  1. 1 Amulet - Infinity - Chest attachment
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