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The Vampire Amulet

In the Bloodlines world, the vampire Curse takes away a small portion of your vital blood every day, hence the need to constantly feed on mortals in order to survive. The Vampire Amulet protects a vampire from the effects of the Curse. The amulets come in increments of protection of 5 days, 14 days, 30 days, and endless protection (shown). Once the Amulet's power has run out, you will keep the object itself, but the Curse will once again begin exacting its daily toll of blood from your system. The Vampire Amulet need not be worn constantly to take effect - once rezzed or worn its effects will begin to work, and the piece itself can be put back into the inventory.


  • 1 Amulet - Infinity- Chest attachment, moddable
  • 1 Pose Stand - For editing your attached Amulet
  • 1 Set Instructions
  • 1 LM to Bloodlines Main Store


Included in the box is your Vampire Amulet attachment. It may not fit your avatar right out of the box. If you need help with editing attachments, see the FAQ below.

To attach your Vampire Amulet, simply right-click and choose "wear". If you attach the Vampire Amulet to anywhere other than your chest, it will take extra editing to get it to look right.

Once your Vampire Amulet is rezzed or attached for the first time, it will begin to protect you from the Bloodlines vampire Curse indefinitely.