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The Blood Scan The Blood Scan
The Blood Scan is a web-based clan management system for The Thirst: Bloodlines. It allows you to quickly view the stats of your minions, gives you a graph of your total soul history, and will show you a history of minion liege changes. In addition, if your minions own the Blood Scan, you can view their sub-minions as well. It also includes instant checking if any of your minions are in danger from tonight's Curse, and you can set 4 alarms that will check at intervals throughout the day and send you an IM letting you know which of your minions are in danger. We think this is an essential clan management tool that will help you compete in the vampire wars!


  • 1 Blood Scan
  • 1 Set Instructions
  • 1 LM to Bloodlines Main Store


To use your Scanner, just rez it on your land, and touch it for the main menu.


There are 3 menu options:

  1. Password
    This menu option allows you to change your password to whatever you want, or to a randomly generated password. Passwords should be at least 6 characters long.
  2. Alarm
    The alarm option allows you to choose from 4 alarms. Each alarm can be turned on or off, and can be set for a specific time. In order for an alarm to fire, the alarm time must be chosen, and the alarm must be turned on. When you are selecting the alarm time, it is in number of hours before Second Life midnight. So, if you select 1, the alarm will fire every night at 11:00pm sl time. If you select 12, it will fire at noon, and if you select 23, the alarm will fire at 1am. Second Life time is PST (GMT+8) or PDT (GMT+7) depending on daylight savings time.
    When the alarm fires, it will send you an Instant Message. If you have your instant messages set to forward to your email, then you will get the alarm text in your email. To forward your IMs to email, go to Edit > Preferences > Communication > Send IM to email.
  3. Minions
    This option will immediately check to see if any of your minions are in danger of being destroyed by the Curse and let you know.