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The Blood Bottle

The Bloodlines Blood Bottle contains 5L of blood that you can use to refill your blood tanks and casks. Now you can buy the blood without the container, to make better use of your existing containers, instead of having to buy new ones. Don't forget to recycle the bottle! («this is a lame joke, you can't really recycle them)

If you have a technical issue with the Blood Bottle, please IM Noire Luminos.


Using the Blood Bottle is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Rez your Blood Bottle within 20 meters of the container you'd like to refill.
  2. Touch (left-click) the Blood Bottle, this will bring up the Blood Bottle menu with a 'Done' button, but don't push it yet.
  3. Touch the container you want to refill, then push the 'Select' button.
  4. Push the 'Done' button. If everything checks out, you'll get another menu with the options 'Transfer' and 'Cancel'.
  5. Hit transfer, and the blood will be transferred to your container.