Cider Barrels

Cider Barrel

Cider Barrels hold cider made from the apples of the Eternal Orchard that restores humanity that is lost to vampire bites and lycan attacks. Humanity cannot be turned back into Cider, so Cider Barrels can only be refilled by Cider Jugs.

Cider Barrels provide a quick way to restore humanity for any vampire or lycan who wishes to keep humans around long-term as a friendly blood or lumen supply. One liter of cider translates into a restoration of 20% humanity, which will in turn provide 1 Liter of Vital Blood to a vampire, or 10 Lumens to a lycan.

You must own the Human HUD in order to drink from cider barrels.


  • 1 Cider Barrel (comes in 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, and 100L)


Click on a Cider Barrel vendor to rez a new barrel. To buy it, right-click on it and select 'Buy'. Once you have the barrel, please do not try to 'open' it, or you'll remove the script, and it won't work anymore.


If you left-click the Barrel, a blue menu should appear, giving you 4 options:

  1. Security
  2. Drink
  3. Check
  4. Select
  1. Security
    The Security menu has five options:
    1. Access Mode: allows you to choose the access mode:
      1. Open: Anyone can drink from the barrel.
      2. Locked: Only the owner can drink from the barrel.
      3. Restricted: The owner, anyone on the user list, and if group mode is on, anyone in the same group as the container can drink from it.
    2. Group Mode: allows you to turn group mode on and off. If the barrel is in restricted mode and group mode is on, anyone in the same group that the barrel is set to will be able to drink from it. You can set the group of the barrel by right-clicking the barrel, selecting edit, then pressing the 'set' button next to the group in your build window.
    3. Hover Text: turns hover text on and off.
    4. User List: gives user list menu:
      1. Clear Users: removes all users from access list.
      2. Add User: adds a user to the access list.
      3. Remove User: removes a single user from the access list.
    5. View Record: shows you a record of recent drinks and fills on the container.
  2. Drink
    Allows you to drink the cider.
  3. Check
    This option will cause the barrel to tell you its current status in local chat, including security settings and the amount of cider inside.
  4. Select
    This button is only used to select the container for interaction with the Cider Siphon, and the Cider Jug.