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This Runestone is free, copy, and transfer. Feel free to give copies away to your friends!


Your Bloodlines Corrupted Runestone will attach to your avatar wrist when worn. If you don't see it, it may be inside your wrist or clothing. Attach the Runestone to a different point on your avatar (where you can see it), then move it a little, then re-attach to your write and adjust so it fits your body.

The Runestone can also be worn as a Necklace! If you click it, you will get menu options for changing the style from Necklace to Bracelet. You will need to reattach the Runestone to your neck (and edit it into place) if you choose to switch styles.

The Runestone includes 4 states that you can switch through by simply touching it. If you're wearing it when you get exalted, it will sparkle!


In order to become a Demon, you'll need to have your humanity completely drained and replaced with Ichor you've drank from others. To drink the Ichor of others, you'll need to pick up a Torment Demon system at the Bloodlines store.