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Bloodlines Legends Crafting and Gathering Stations are used to collect resources and combine those resources into crafted items, both of which can be collected for achievements and used in various Bloodlines Legends quests.

To use a Legends station:

  1. Ensure you're wearing your Legends HUD.
  2. Attach a tool if the station requires it. Gathering stations (Tree, Mine, Knolls), and The Smithing Station require tools, crafting stations do not. See sections below for more details.
  3. Make sure you have the items you want to use in your recipe in your hand. To do this, expand the "backpack" part of your HUD. The top row is your "hand". You can move items from your backpack to your hand by touching the item in your backpack, and then touching an empty place in your hand.
  4. Touch the station to craft the recipe. Your Legends HUD will udpate and in some cases you may be delivered mesh items.

Keep in mind that using crafting stations costs Stamina, and if you're using a tool on the station, the durability of the tool will be used up each time you use it to obtain resources. Once the durability of a tool reaches 0, it can no longer be used. You can restore the durability of your tools on The Smithing Bench.

Turning off the "sit targets": All of the stations come with the glowing green icons indicating that you can sit at them. If you want to turn these off and just have the natural look of the stations, all you have to do is right-click the green sit target, and select 'touch' from the context menu. This must be done because touching the main item will cause you to sit on it and do the crafting animation. To turn them back on, just repeat this procedure. You may need to turn on invisible items in order to see them.

Gathering Stations require the use of of a tool, and usually yield natural resources such as wood, plants, or minerals:

  • The Granite Mine: requires The Iron Pick
  • The Oak Tree: requires The Iron Axe
  • The Wild Knoll: requires The Iron Shovel
  • The Farm Knoll: requires The Iron Shovel

Tools for the gathering stations can be obtained from the blacksmiths Rex Ironroot and Baxter Trank. There's also a place to get them at the Liquid Outpost at Mechozilla.

Granite Mine Oak Tree Wild Knoll Farm Knoll

Refining Stations are usually for taking raw materials you find at gathering stations and refining them for use at crafting stations:

  • The Paper Press
  • The Ink Stove
Paper Press Ink Stove

Crafting stations can be used to make various recipes, combining items into more advanced items.

  • The Scroll Desk
  • The Cooking Station
Cooking Station Scroll Desk

The Smithing Bench is a special station where you can repair your tools that you use at gathering stations.

Smithing Bench