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The Insignia

The Insignia is a recruitment system for Clans / Packs / Hordes and Guilds (groups). Any leader of a group can load the Insignia server with a texture of their chosen group insignia, and a notecard about their group. They can then burn their insignia into the badge, and hand it out to help recruit people for their clan. Anyone who wears their badge will be vended the notecard in the Insignia server!


  • 1 Insignia Server
  • 1 Insignia Badge
  • 1 Set Instructions
  • 1 LM to Bloodlines Main Store


First, set up your Insignia Server. When you rez it, it will register with the Bloodlines system and display the default Bloodlines Insignia.

To load the server, right-click on it and select 'edit'. This will bring up your build window. Select the tab titled 'contents'. If you have a clan insignia, you can drag it from your inventory and drop it into the contents window. Your server will automatically update with the new Insignia. If you have a notecard that you would like to be distributed from the badges that you hand out, you can drag that from your inventory as well. Your notecard should contain information about your clan, and you can even include landmarks to your clan's land if you want. When people first wear their badge, they'll be vended the notecard about your clan.

The Insignia server contains the following options:

  • Power On or Off: when the server is off, the notecard will not be vended when your badges are worn or clicked on.
  • Text On or Off: turns the hover text indicating power status on or off.
  • Update: forces the server to update its inventory
  • Test: test to make sure your server is connected to the system. If it comes back with 'Test Successful', then your server is working properly, if it says 'Test failed.', please pick up and re-rez your server.

Please note the following:

  1. You can only have one active server at a time. If you rez more than one server, one of them will be auto-delete (it will ask you first if you want to replace the old server with the new server). This is so there is no confusion about which texture to load or which notecard to vend.
  2. If you place more than one notecard or texture into your server, it will load the first texture or the first notecard it finds. Nothing will happen with the other textures or notecards.

Once you've set up your server, you can 'burn' your Insignia badge. Burning the Insignia badge links that copy of the badge to your clan and makes it transferable to other people. You can't transfer a copy of the badge until you burn it. The texture that it displays will still update if you update the insignia in your server, but it will not be able to be linked to another clan's server. Before you burn your badge, please make a backup copy of it, because once you burn it, the no-transfer registration script will delete itself and that copy won't be able to be burned again. To burn your badge, rez it on the ground click it, and select 'burn'. It will update to your loaded insignia, and the name of the badge will change to your clan's name.


We think insignias look best when they have a transparent background, but this is not required. Creating your texture will depend on what image editing software you're using, but here is how you can make an insignia with a transparent background in Photoshop.

  • Make a new document with square dimensions, we recommend 256x256 pixels for a fast rez of your insignia when people view it, but you could also make it 512x512 pixels if you want it to be higher resolution.
  • Make a new layer, and paint your insignia on that layer.
  • Select the live area of your insignia by control-clicking on your layer in your layers palette.
  • Go to the channels palette and create a new channel. A new alpha channel will be created.
  • Change your foreground color to white, and fill your selection with white on your alpha channel using the fill bucket or by pressing alt+backspace.
  • Go back to your layers palette and fill in the background with black.
  • Save your document as a layered .psd file in case you want to edit it later, then save it as a 32-bit .tga (targa) file.
  • Upload your targa file to Second Life by going to File > Upload > Image.
  • You're done! Now just load your new insignia into your server!