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The Legends HUD is the heads-up display and primary item that you need to play Bloodlines Legends. It comes free with all of our existing race HUDs (Thirst, Rage, Ascent, Torment, and Human HUDs), or can be purchased separately. It contains the magic map, the backpack, and functions to craft and use metric packs, spend skill points, and track your stats!

The Magic Map

You can expand the Magic Map by pressing the map button on your HUD. The Magic Map will show a picture of the current region you're on (if it's been discovered!), and will show a small arrow that indicates your position and the direction you're facing on the sim. To cast a search spell, first touch and drag on your magic map at the location you want to cast your spell. A white circle will appear that indicates the area that your spell will search. Larger spells cost more stamina to cast, and the amount of spell stamina will be indicated by a number next to your Map Sphere on your HUD. To cast your spell, touch your Map Sphere on your HUD. Your spell circle will change color and there will be a sound indicating how far away you are from the resource. Red means far, yellow means closer, and green means very close.

The Magic Map also includes a Compass button. The Compass button has several functions:

  • Region: find a region of a certain level. For example, if you are looking for an Azure Orb, you can find that it is a Level 1 resource, and you are more likely to find it on Level 1 regions.
  • Mark Quest: if you're having trouble finding where you need to go next for a quest, you can use this function. It costs 10 stamina to use, and will place a yellow question mark on the map for a selected quest. You can use the Compass button if you're having trouble finding where to go next on a quest. If you have more than one open quest, you will receive a menu asking you which quest you want to get a marker for.

The Backpack

You can expand your backpack by pressing the backpack button on your HUD. The backpack shows the contents of what is in your backpack, 16 pockets at a time, and what is currently in your hand. You can move items from your backpack into your hand in order to use them with other items, such as Resource Chests, Market Barrels, and Crafting and Refining Stations.

You can arrange your backpack in the following ways:

  • To page through your backpack, use the left and right arrow buttons on your HUD.
  • To switch the position of two pockets, click on the first pocket to select it, then the second pocket.
  • To move the contents of a pocket to an empty pocket, click the first pocket to select it, then click the empty pocket.
  • To move the contents of a pocket into your hand, first click on the pocket, then click on an empty pocket in your hand.
  • To remove an item from your hand, you can either click on it twice, or click on it, then click on the pocket where you want to move it.
  • To move the contents of a pocket to a different page, first move it to your hand by clicking the pocket you want to move, then clicking an empty pocket in your hand. Then, switch to the page where you want to move the items. Then, click on the item in your hand, then click on an empty pocket where you want to place the resources.
  • To delete resources, you can move them into your hand and then press the delete 'X' button.

Metric Crafting

You can craft five kinds of Metric Packs from your Bloodlines metrics:

  1. Vital Blood can be used to craft Blood Flasks.
  2. Lumens can be used to craft Lumen Shards.
  3. Humanity can be used to craft Humanity Pods.
  4. Ether can be used to craft Ether Crystals.
  5. Ichor can be used to craft Ichor Embers.

To craft a metric pack: first make sure you have the required metrics available on your account, and then press the craft metric button (mortar and pestle). Then, press craft on the menu, then select the type of metric you would like to use. If you have the required metrics, the associated metric pack will appear in your HUD. If you don't see it appear in your HUD, try going back to the first page of Resources to see if it appeared there. It might have been placed in a pocket on a page you aren't currently viewing.

To use a metric pack: click on it in your backpack and move it to your hand by clicking on an empty spot in your hand. Then, press the craft metric button again, and select 'use'. The metric pack will be consumed and you will gain stamina. You can always click on your stamina bar to see the exact amount of stamina you have left.

Stats and Quest Journal

To get your current Legends Stats and a link to your quest journal, press the Quest Journal button on your HUD.

Skill Points

When you gain enough XP (experience points) to level up in Legends, you will get a skill point you can spend. Skill points can be used to buy various skills in order up several different skill trees. See the skills section of the Legends Guide for more information. You can check out the skills section of your legends profile to see the actual skills you can gain and track your progress. To use a skill point, press the skill point button on your HUD (green magic arrow).


The settings menu gives you the following options:

  1. Search Mode: set your magic search mode (path, drop particle, or map marker only).
  2. Account: register your slbloodlines.com web account, or reset your password.
  3. Nexus: nexus options such as show or hide.

Sharing the Map Sphere

The Map Sphere is a free, copy / transfer item that comes with your Legends HUD that you can distribute freely! The first time you rez your map sphere on the ground, it gets imprinted with your name, and becomes transferable. When you give the Map Sphere to someone and they rez it, it will be recorded in our system. If your Map Sphere is the last one they rezzed before joining Bloodlines Legends, you will get a Stamina Bonus! If you level up the Philanthropist Skill, you can increase the amount of bonus stamina you get when others join after rezzing your Map Sphere. They can also redeem the Map Sphere to get an additional Stamina bonus when they join.

Daily Stamina Bonus

Be sure to wear your Legends HUD once each day to get your daily stamina bonus!