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The Resource Chest can be used to hold various amounts of Bloodlines Legends Resources. Any resource that you collect with your Magic Map HUD can be stored in the chest. The Resource Chest is transfer, so can be used to transfer large amounts of resources between players or accounts. It comes in three different sizes:

  • 50 pockets (5 pages of 10)
  • 25 pockets (2.5 pages of 10)
  • 10 pockets (1 page of 10)


The crate for a resource chest contains:

  • 1 Resource Chest of the given size
  • Instructions Notecard
  • Landmark


Keep in mind that you must be wearing your Bloodlines Legends HUD in order to operate the Resource Chest. To operate your chest, start by rezzing it by dragging it out of your inventory onto the ground in a place where you have rez rights. Then touch it (left-click) on it to open it. When it opens, you should get a menu, and hover text will display with details on the contents of the chest. The menu options are:

  1. Add Hand: Add the contents of your Legends HUD hand (more info below)
  2. Text Off / Text On: Toggle the hover text.
  3. Cancel: Dismiss the menu, but keep the lid open.
  4. Close: Dismiss the menu, and close the lid.

Managing Resources

To add resources to the Resource Chest:

  1. First, make sure you are wearing your Legends HUD. If your HUD appears as the closed book, touch it to open it. You should see it change to an open book with six buttons. Touch the backpack button to expand your backpack. Your backpack displays 16 items at a time. Above that, you will find your "hand". Your hand indicates the things that you are currently holding in your hand because you intend to use them.
  2. To move a resource to your hand, touch the resource in your backpack. It should become highlighted with a green border. Then, touch an empty slot in your hand. The resource should move from your backpack into your hand. To take something out of your hand, touch it to select it, and then touch it again to put it back in your backpack, or touch a different pocket in your backpack to move it to.
  3. Once you have some resources in your hand, you can add them to your Resource Chest. Touch your chest to open it and get the menu, and select 'Add Hand'. The resources that were in your hand in your backpack on your HUD should move into the Resource Chest.

To remove a resource from the chest:

  1. Touch your chest to open it.
  2. On the inside of the lid of the treasure chest, touch the icon of the resource you want to remove. You will get a menu asking how many you would like to remove. Type the amount to remove in the text box and then press submit. If you want to take all of that pocket, you can leave it blank and just press submit. The contents of the selected pocket will move to your backpack HUD.

Transferring Chests

If someone gives you a chest, make sure to rez it in order to transfer it to your account. Our system won't know that the chest has been transferred to you until you rez it, and it will still think that it was owned by the previous person.

Website Interactions

Resource wealth rankings on the website take into account all resources contained in all of your Resource Chests. You can view the contents of your chests on the website by clicking on your resources icon on your profile, and it will bring you to a page showing the contents of your backpack, and at the bottom of the page, a link to each of your Resource Chests. Click on a resource chest to view what is in it.