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The Soul Trophy

The Soul Trophy is an attractive display case to show off souls that are special to you in-world.


The Soul Trophy is just 1 prim, so you should be able to rez it anywhere you have rezzing rights. Just click and drag the Trophy from your inventory onto the ground.

Scripts need to be enabled on the land that you rez, so that the Registration Script inside the Trophy can check in, register it to you, and then delete itself. The prim weight of the Trophy will drop from 2 down 1 when this happens, and then your Trophy is ready to use!


Once your Trophy is rezzed, you can interact with it by clicking on it and bringing up the dialog menu.

You should have the following options:

  1. Update - If we release updates to the Trophy in the future, this button will come into use.
  2. Text On/Off - This allows you to toggle the Hovertext script on and off.
  3. Set Soul - This option allows you to choose the soul you want loaded into the Trophy.
  4. Glass Texture - This menu option lets you pick from 8 textures for the glass part of the Trophy.
  5. Base Texture - This allows you to pick from various textures for the Trophy base.


There are two methods of loading a soul - by typing the name, or using the Alphabetically Organized menu option. Either will allow you to pick a soul from the ones that you currently own, and load it into the Trophy.

Once the soul is loaded, the Trophy should also load the avatar's profile pic, their Royalty badge, and their name into the hovertext. There are also a few icon slots on the display, which may come into use later.

Once you've got a soul loaded, it should stay in that trophy until you remove it, even if you pick the trophy up into inventory and re-rezz it.

***NOTE - The Soul Trophy does NOT allow you to transfer souls from one avatar to another. If you load a soul into a Trophy, and then pass the Trophy to another player, when the rez it next, it will be empty. The only way to move souls in Bloodlines is via the Soul Reaper, or the Electrum.