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The Wormwood Potion

The Wormwood Potion can be used to rescue a soul from Limbo. An avatar's soul will be in Limbo if they have been bitten, but have not joined Bloodlines. Once they drink the Wormwood Potion, their soul will be rescued from Limbo, and will be promised to the next person to bite them. The soul will be delivered once they register for Bloodlines.


  • 1 Wormwood Potion
  • 1 Set Instructions
  • 1 LM to Bloodlines Store


To use the Wormwood potion, just right-click it in your inventory and select 'wear'. It will attach to your hand and check in with our system.

Then, touch the potion to get the menu of functions:

  1. Taste :: Take a sip to make sure it's real Wormwood!
  2. Drink :: Drink it!
  3. Check Av :: check nearby avatars to see if their soul can be rescued by the Wormwood potion
  4. Cork :: recork the bottle
  5. Uncork :: remove the cork and start magical particle effect.