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Freaky Friday

4.19.19 5:00pm-4.19.19 7:00pm

Freaky Friday with DJ Keltis and Hostess Tay. We gotta switch things up on you and keep you on your toes. New DJ and new Host but still the same freakiness!

Fun Friday

4.19.19 7:00pm-4.19.19 9:00pm

Fun Friday with DJ Pools and Hostess Pretty Lizzy! Watch out because you never know what Pools will be dressed as or what Lizzy will get you with. She has some interesting toys up her sleeves!

Fuzzy Mouse Time

4.19.19 9:00pm-4.19.19 11:00pm

That's right it's time for DJ Moonie Mouse and her Hottie Host David. Not sure how much fuzzy will be around but never know with a mouse. But I'm sure David has the shears just in case! *winks*

Super Saturday

4.20.19 2:00pm-4.20.19 4:00pm

DJ Ron and Host Nixxie are starting the weekend off with some Super Fun! Come on down and check the tunes on out and get them bones shaking!

Pantheon Gods Fashion Show!

4.20.19 5:00pm-4.20.19 7:00pm

Hosted by Pypy & music provided by DJ Goatman. Join us in the heart of the Nile Valley for our fashion show of the Gods! Go to the Last stop and step outside and file the signs to the LM!