Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!


MISTFITS JUNCTION Medieval realm (1)

The light by my house. Mistfits Junction, home of the Van Sancina clan has TONS of haunt signs!

True Blood (1)

Are you a True Blood fan? Want to roleplay as your favourite character from the show? Now here is your chance. You can be Sookie, Eric, Bill, or Lafayette or you could even be a created character.

SM Mainstore (1)

"Heroes die, death is eternal, but true love is forever!"

Mercyful Souls (1)

No drama

WilloW Falls Village (1)

Photography, DFS/G&S Fishing, DFS/G&S Market, DFS/G&S Equipment, Gorean, Fantasy, Elf, Mermaid, Fairy, Fae, Vampire, Werewolf, Medieval, Bloodlines, Witch, Forest, Village, Castle, Explore, Cooking, Crafting

Nevermore Island (1)

Nevermore is an established sim currently renovating our RPG with new storylines and campaigns. We are developing fresh adventures to challenge your character or party. How would you like to have an adventure of your own generated and played out on our si

**Shadows Rising Bowling Alley** (1)

A Place to hang out and play a few games!


Bloodlines Items for Sale Must Be at Least 90 Days Old To Enter the Sim

MISTFITS JUNCTION Medieval realm 23111 (1)

I am the immortal Buddyden. From out of the fire I have fought and survived the wrath of my secret enemies. I may not be YOUR King, but I am a King by birthright. I take what I want. Be warned, I mean business.

Tituba*s Lycan Sanctuary 05 (1)

Tituba's Lycan Sanctuary is a place to hang out for Lycans, Lycan Hybrids and those who love them.

Eternal Nighthawks (1)

Esta é a entrada para Eternal Nighthawks. Por favor, venha aqui para um tour e aprender o que temos a oferecer a você! (This is the entrance to Eternal Nighthawks. Please come here for a tour and learn what we have to offer you!)

Bloodrose Beach (1)

Tropical beach, dungeons , snuff zone, executions, animals (no entrance fee), rubber room, extreme BDSM, classroom, school, No limits! 18+ rental home Private fully equipped Adult houses / skyboxes for rent: LS600/ week LS 4000/ month.


Bloodlines 13th Anniversary 2021 This is the home of the Van Sancina Horde. Everyone is welcome to come and explore our sims.

Labyrinth Family (1)

On wings of light the Angels sought, with voices that rang the Humans sang, with blood in their veins the Vampires came, with the moonlight, Lycans ran in full sight, and in darkness too the Demons knew that all gathered within were home in the Labyrinth.

Bleeding Muse - DSoG (1)

Find your inspiration at the Bleeding Muse. Altar, cave, dungeon, Textures store (paint cans) and blood bank with containers at fair prices. Anonymous messaging service. (Image concept from Lorenzo Sperlonga.)

Stray Souls Turnpoint Complex (1)

Welcome to Stray Souls, founded April 24, 2010. We strive to be a strong helpful family that includes non-Bloodlines members. We will not be soul counters. Our members will not attack anyone who does not fully understand Bloodlines (the good and the bad).

MISTFITS JUNCTION Medieval realm (1)

I am Queen of Mistfits Junction and Mistfits Beach side my alts are Sparkle Udiomo she is my main now

Souls of Anarchy Tropical Beach (1)

Wild Knoll / Farm Knoll / Oak Tree / Basalt Mine / Fergal Shrine / Demon Protector


hellooooo , everyone is welcome :)

Crimson Republic Home (0)

*Bloodlines and People Friendly. *It is a hang-out spot, a quiet place *Metrics beside the bar, On Tap @ the bar, * APPLE TREE coffee, Champagne, and card games available..VENDORS

..::Tasmanian Devils::.. (1)

You are most welcome to visit our Land. Where is Tasmania most people ask? It is where the Tasmanian Devils live! Yes They are Real & Bite When Provoked! :D And I have one as a pet. Hehe

SM Mainstore (1)

"Heroes die, death is eternal, but true love is forever!"

Woodsboro Customs (1)

Woodsboro Customs is a motorcycle building shop that specializes in creating unique, custom bikes with a focus on quality and attention to detail.

Empire Constantine Pack (1)

Haunted Tour 2021

Mistfit Beach side 2621 (1)

Nudist Beach with romantic caves waterfalls and much more. Club moves from Mainland every Friday for 24 hours to have Nude Friday Dj sets

Tha-Visionz Land (1)

Welcome Dark Ones to the home land of Tha Visionz

REVOSA Blood Bar (1)

Come on over to the REVOSA blood bar, have some blood, have a hotdog, what a combo! ;D

Ragnarok Empire of the Night (1)

Home of the Notorious Viking Vampires, The Ragnarok Family. Feel free to visit and enjoy our various events and take pictures of our breathtaking sim! https://www.flickr.com/groups/4175066@N23/ vampire, gothic, edm, trance, industrial, bdsm, shops, club

Dark Desires (1)

Explore your darkest desires.

HELLZ GATE and Dark Horse Arts (1)

HELLZ GATE TOP 3 SIM BL 9th Yr Anniversary, Honorable Mention pub crawl, Corvi Scorta Legion, TRACK, Dark Horse Motorcycles, Dark Horse Arts, Dark Horse Tattoo, Nevermore Breedables, Demon Dollz MC and Friendly & Respectful. All welcome!