Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!


Shadows of the Night Horde (3)

Blue Steele Club and Game Room, home of Shadows of the Night Horde. Old stone village set in a lovely forest setting. Come on in and kick back with us! We have a full legends crafting room, just follow the TP pad at the landing point! We look forward to s


Setites Clan home of Victorian, Pirate, Vampires, Lycan, RP. Come to the Role Play info center to find out what events are scheduled. Bloodlines, Bloodlines WAR, Vitae, KROS, SPD-J and Spell Fire all are welcome.


NÉMÉSIS est la déesse de la juste colère et de la rétribution céleste. Elle est parfois assimilée à la vengeance et à l'équilibre. Elle est aussi un messager de mort envoyé par les dieux comme punition. Elle châtie ceux qui vivent un excès de bonheur chez

Hidden Haunts fantasy (3)

Regius Sanguis Clan has created a dark fantasy for you to enjoy. There were 1150 Haunts are waiting for you but then a BL Liason started to make threaths. So a lot of the Haunts are taken in Marcs inventory.. You can find 102 of our Haunts in other locati

Dark Moon Horde (2)

Dark Moon Horde clan land and vendors

The Addams Family Horde Estate (0)

Welcome to The Addams Family Horde! We welcome you to our Home! Why not pop by - have a drink and and a chat... you can even purchase all your Bloodlines goods at our vendors!

Vampyre (2)

Famille HORDE OF VAMPIRE, FRANCE, Vampires, Lycans, Anges, Demons, Humain, bloodlines. Toutes Ames perdues sont les bienvenus.

phoenix protectors home (2)

The town of kislev and solaris the phoenix protectors home location no biting no hunting no rape, no capture be nice roleplay and shop in our shops



Lover Gallery 2018 (2)

Gallery Tour 2018

Freyja Nix (2)

Grand Princess of the Van Sancina Horde Please come check us out and enjoy roaming the sims there are three of the four you can roam and find caves and all kind of stuff.

Euphoric Mariticide (2)

We are a close family in life, death, and those existences in between. Our headquarters is open to the public during events.

Ex Vita Un Nex (2)

V*************V Ex Vita Un Nex family members. V*************V From a Life of Death we are the undead, we are Vampires, Lycans, Demons, Angels, Hybrids, and Humans brought together by bloodlines and second life.

Mercyful Souls (2)

More Family than any "clan" you've encountered. I won't ask you to join. I won't beg. I will simply ask you to hang out whenever you want and let you choose FOR YOURSELF if we're the right fit. If you're crazy enough.... Then we are.

Evolved Loved Ones-Manor (2)

Home of The Evolved Loved Ones! We are open to everyone to have fun. Bloodlines clan friendly with much to do including Bloodlines Haunts, 7Seas Fishing, Photo Studio Games, Vendors , bowling, movies. vampires, lycans, hybrids, family, love, newcomers

Loba DENGOSA (2)

Se há alguma coisa que dá soberania à alma é a paciência qual era o segredo dos mestres que realizaram grandes coisas,inspiraram muitas pessoas e ajudaram muitas almas! o Segredo deles era a Paciência..

Bloodmoon Sanctum 7 (2)

Here is our haunts

Souls of The Immortal Horde (2)

Home to - Souls of the Immortal Horde

.:::SafeWord:::. (0)

SafeWord is a NEW BDSM & LGBTQ Club. We are striving to become a staple in the BDSM community and are looking for DJ's, Host's, and otherwise who share interest in helping to grow our NEW club of whom are interested in the type of community we are aiming

White Sun pack Horde (2)

bloodlines haunts location..

Dark Electric Shock Horde (0)

We are crazy, misfits, rebels and trouble makers! Dark humor and Electric personalities make us the Dark Electric Shock Horde. Our bond is deeper than the blood that flows from the veins of our victims. We are a close, fun loving group of great people. We

Lost Brotherhood Mafia Horde Home (2)

We are an Adult Dance Club .. play almost anything NO drama.. JUST FUN (Everyone welcome).... Come slap our haunts!! Weekly Raffle for VIP's of $250L given away Thursdays 9pm slt.

The Fallen Ones Hangout & Games Area (2)

Welcome to our Hangout and Games Area! Feel free to explore, relax, sneak in a game of Greedy, and enjoy yourself!

Souls of The Immortal Home (2)

Home to - Souls of the Immortal Horde

Bathory-Atreides Retreat (2)

Guild Alliance and Bathory Elite Clan Embassy. On location you may find the Guild Alliance Hall of Heroes and also the Guild Alliance Museum. The building serves also as an Embassy for Bathory Elite Clan. On the top of that building you may find the Starl



la Legion du Clair de Lune Lands (1)

The home to la Legion du Clair de Lune. We are friendly clan, family oriented welcoming those who may be lost or searching fro new home.

Nomadz Pack (1)

Greetings and welcome to To the Nomadz Pack land. Our Headquarters is a viking themed sim for our lycan pack. With Various activities from bloodlines legends scavanging to Dueling in various combat meters. Trail Rides for Teegle Horses. And Club events at

Cata-DD (1)

Haunt - altar room Cataclysm Clan/DD