Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!


Titanium Clan (0)

Welcome to the Titanium clan home. We are a small clan slowly growing. We area no drama family. Please let us know if you would like to join us.






HELLZ GATE TOP 3 SIM BL 9th Yr Anniversary, Honorable Mention pub crawl, Corvi Scorta Clan, TRACK, Dark Horse Motorcycles, Dark Horse Arts, Dark Horse Tattoo, GALLERY ON TP BOARD PLEASE VOTE? ALL KINDS OF VAMPIRE/DEMON EROTIC ART. GALLERY YEAR AROUND!

Moonweavers (1)

Bloodlines Legends Resources Level 6 Low prices

Domini Noctis (1)

LEGENDS RESOURCE STORE We stock all resources needed to complete your quests

Nomadz Pack (1)

Greetings and welcome to To the Nomadz Pack land. Our Headquarters is a viking themed sim for our lycan pack. With Various activities from bloodlines legends scavanging to Dueling in various combat meters. Trail Rides for Teegle Horses. And Club events at

Mercyful Souls (1)

More Family than any "clan" you've encountered. I won't ask you to join. I won't beg. I will simply ask you to hang out whenever you want and let you choose FOR YOURSELF if we're the right fit. If you're crazy enough.... Then we are.

Lost Brotherhood Mafia Horde Home (1)

We are an Adult Dance Club .. play almost anything NO drama.. JUST FUN (Everyone welcome).... Come slap our haunts!! Weekly Raffle for VIP's of $250L given away Thursdays 9pm slt.

The Devils Of Darkness Cathedral (1)

Clan Chapel. The Clan lives by a code of friendly helpful fellowship. It is one of the primarily Gay Clan,but caters to all orientations.

Loba DENGOSA (1)

Se há alguma coisa que dá soberania à alma é a paciência qual era o segredo dos mestres que realizaram grandes coisas,inspiraram muitas pessoas e ajudaram muitas almas! o Segredo deles era a Paciência..

Shaddolands - Home of iL Malvagio (1)

What lies beyond the world you know? Walking with a friend in the dark is eternally superior to walking alone in the light. Free yourself from this mortal coil of pain, torment, & loss, & embrace a world of rebirth & everlasting reward in Shaddolands

Ravens Claw Capital (1)

Ancestral homeland of Raven's Claw Clan. Travelers and explorers welcome. Be mindful we are a society of hunters but are social and honorable. The Clan affairs and government are administered from here.

** STIGMATA ** Land (1)

Lair Stigmata

Gomorrha - Camarilla Kingdom (1)

Home der Camarilla Vampires, der besten Fam in SL/BL oft kopiert doch nie erreicht, Quailtät die Masstäbe setzt :P Überzeug dich selbst und besuch uns :-) einer fuer alle - und alle fuer einen

la Legion du Clair de Lune Lands (1)

The home to la Legion du Clair de Lune. We are friendly clan, family oriented welcoming those who may be lost or searching fro new home.

Miku Horde (1)

Hideout for our family. We sell blood around 29LD (Depend on market price...) haunt #4900

Pangea Rentals - Let us help you make your SL dreams a Reality - Vasilii (1)

Pangea Skybox Rentals - Prices starting at 135 L per week.



No Limits Gentlemans Club (1)

We aim to give you SLs premiere club experience with live DJ, Dancers and more.

Love, Honor, Loyalty & Respect (1)

Family is the most important and priceless thing you can have. Never waver from it, and you and your kin will rise above. ~Love, Honor, Loyalty & Respect To My Momma Always <3

Blood Sanctuary Clan (0)

Blood Sanctuary Clan's Land - #19 Haunts Blood - Family Land Castle

Dragons Embraced Clan (1)

Leader: silverdragon1966 Tigerpaw We are a family based clan. We welcome all, humans, vampires, lycans, hybrids. All we ask is you bring no drama, no bull, as that will not be tolerated. If you want to know more feel free to message the Alpha King-silverd

Cataclysm 13 (1)

Bloodlines Friendly land courtesy of The Cataclysm . Everyone welcome! Haunts, Vendors, hang out. Have fun and enjoy!

Legion of Sinners - Hideout - (1)

Hideout of Legion of Sinners - All welcome - Respect ! And enjoy ! - Hangout for All No war only Fun ! or you deal with Cain Factor !

EVE RageHearth Land (1)

Eve Rageheart Gallery Tour 2018

Cappadocia (1)

A nostalgic hangout for The Cappadocians. A tight but friendly family that cling to the past and each other.

Draculea Moon black (0)

"Welcome to my house! Enter freely and of your own free will!"Welcome to my house! Enter freely. Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring!"

Elder Nik LaViri-McAllister (0)

Council Member and Elder of the Legacy of Darkness Horde.

Van Sancina Family (0)

The Van Sancian Family are Friendly, funny but dedicated Bloodline players.We have 4 sims that you can roam on please feel free to take a look. Queen Sparks