Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!

Rp Lands

Ab Antiquo Legends Lycan Caves (1)

Of Ancient Times the Legendary Inhabitants of the NetherWorlds. The creatures that the things that creep in the dark are afraid of. We are the PACK BEWARE

V--V Nightshades V--V (0)

Nightshades Family Castle, home of Selket Moonwall and her loved and extended family clan. V--V Nightshades V--V

.::Enchantress Arcane::. (1)

Dark Hidden Island from a far from others that like to Explore it freely & with Family / Friends & Pets

Cataclysm 10 (0)


Dream Catchers (1)

We are a proud, hardworking family. We may be small compared to most clans, but we are happy and extremely tight. Take a look around and enjoy the scenery or work on your Legends.

achivements 2 (1)

club of fun and diffrent range of music styles

Phelan Family (1)

We are the Phelans, a small and growing family. We are a family that cares and looks out for one another. We welcome new members, and do not care about numbers, so if you are a drama seeker or random biter, look elsewhere.

ASG Haunts (1)

Angels of Savage Gardens, a clan founded in love and friendship. We cherish the ones that come to us, we care, love and support each other in every way we can.

DarkSoul Haunts Forest (1)

Come get your haunt on at clan lands for the Kaylon Dark Souls.

Golwendir Resident (1)

I am a Fux Hybryd of SON

Pangea Estates Rentals (1)

Sky boxes starting at 100 L per week furnished - choose from 22 different designs. Pangea Estates - let us help you make your SL dreams a reality.

K.D.S. Kinky Play Beach (1)

K.D.S. Kinky Play Beach is a Bloodlines friendly place to Dance and enjoy music, relax, exchange Bites/Claws and congregate. There are many "Adult" play items and a Kinky Sail Boat. So bring that special someone and have some fun!


Welcome depraved souls to Our DEMONIC UNDERWORLD RP TERRITORY. Home-Stone Haunt of Demon Legion: --HeLLFiRe Divinity--. A BDSM FemDomme inspired DEMON Horde. Wicked souls wandering HeLLFiRe eternally. Seeking solace. Embrace the ::DEMONSTONE::

Shadows Of Darqueness Clan (1)

The moon is our sun. The night is our day. Blood is our Unlife and you are our prey. Don't be afraid of the dark..be afraid of what hunts in the dark. Let us Prey!!

Labyrinth (1)

Home of Labyrinth

Enigmata Clan (0)

We are ENIGMATAS the world is ours. Lose with class and win boldly because the world belongs to those who dare !!! Honor and glory.

*Stigmata KL* (1)

Lair Stigmata


RP Land with Legends crafting stations and Resources available.

10th Anniversary Please Vote (1)

The tip of the iceberg only the small bit showing above ground, hiding the luxuriant tomb of the Vampire Queen. Visitors should have their blood type ready. Death Angel Watches

Carpathian Fullmoon Clan (1)

We offer you a different Bloodlines experience with no drama and with less numbers games. We live for the social aspect of the game and the role-play. We want everyone to feel welcome here, new players as much as veterans.

Crimson Republic main (1)

? Home of Crimson Republic Clan ? We are a Bloodlines family and one of the largest and oldest in the game. Contact us if you want to know more about our family. We welcome Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids and Humans.

*** Shadow's Rising Clan *** (1)

*** Shadow's Rising Clan Race Track *** Cars bikes and what not, we race it, hehe


**Seja bem vindo a nosso mundo.**

Moonstar City, Playground of Moonstar Rising Horde & friends. (0)

Adult playground of Moonstar Rising Horde. Caution: Erotic situations & nudity may (hopefully) be found. Primarily lesbian in nature. Age verified and consenting adults only! Erotic fantasies & pleasures, or just goofy fun. We do it all!

Liliths Offspring Clan (0)

Blood Line Vendors, Family Land, BDSM and Fun

LIQUID DESIGNS - Shaddolands (0)

The business avatar for Liquid Designs, makers of Bloodlines... goes by Liquid or LD.

MISTFITS JUNCTION Medieval realm (0)

I am Queen of Mistfits Junction and Mistfits Beach side my alts are Sparkle Udiomo she is my main now

Nocturnus Sanctorum-The Bright Side (0)

An Interactive Garden to relax, cuddle, or play ;) Open to everyone. Walk hand in hand with ur lover, cuddle in the waterfall, meditate in Buddha's lap, or lay on the lily pad. IM Squirleelpn with questions or ideas for improvement :)

AngelOfEclipse (0)

Eclipse Rising Angels