Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!


Rare Textures For Sale (0)

Texture Cider Barrel, Vessel, Urn all at 50 L $ Uncommon, Common, Rare and Ultra Rare.

Kindred Silver Legion Empire (0)

A family forged by strength and fairness, with a foundation of love & respect.

Shades of Night Mall (0)

The Shades of Night Mall

Liliths Offspring Clan (0)

Vampires Lycans and Humans all are welcome

Eternal Island (0)

Our home. If you enjoy photography it is a lovely sim to photograph. Best viewed in Black Dragon viewer but lovely in any. Feel free to explore and relax.

Kats Krib (0)


Bootyville (0)

Chic & Shoes Kingbal Stores VIZZANI, YDEA, LSR MODA, free bowling (yay) sandbox (yep) free mini golf (uh huh) AESTHETIC, MESH PROJECT,SLINK, Venus, Isis, Physique, Maitreya, eBODY, Classic Avatars, Freya, Hour Glass TMP, freebies (woot)

ASG Legends Resources (0)

Angels of Savage Gardens is a clan founded in love and friendship, All are welcome here at ASG. We have legends gathering and harvesting stations, and we sell legends resources.

Dallas Manor - Blood Bank (0)

Bloodlines, Blood Bank, bloodbank Legends Resources, Vials, Blood, Lumens, Ichor, souls, elementum, crafting, scan area , haunt, vampire,lycan,demon,angel,human, brasil, rpg, blood resseler.

Frisson (0)

Part of the lands ruled by the Euphoric Mariticide Horde. French for "shiver"! Enjoy gathering with friends or privacy as you explore the ruins.

Sanctum of Anarchs (0)

Sanctum Of Anarchs Clan Land

NightDreams & DayMares - DarkAmore Haunted Tour 2021 (0)

NightDreams & DayMares - DarkAmore Haunted Tour 2021 - Where dreams become your worst Mare!

E (0)

“Solitude is the soil in which genius is planted, creativity grows, and legends bloom; faith in oneself is the rain that cultivates a hero to endure the storm, and bare the genesis of a new world, a new forest.”

Tengu Asylum (0)

Tengu Homeland. Where the wild things are.

Plissco Mall (0)

the main shop in town to get what you need

Orin & Spirit Phelan (0)

Orin is my King and I am his Queen. We love our family to no ends.We rule The Phelan Family. Thank you Orin for your love and support. I love you forever.

EVUN Temple Homelands (0)

V*************V Ex Vita Un Nex family members. V*************V From a Life of Death we are the undead, we are Vampires, Lycans, Demons, Angels, Hybrids, and Humans brought together by bloodlines and second life. Determined Well

Blood, Lumen, Ether, Ichor - KDS Blood Bank (0)

Blood, Lumen, Ether, Ichor drinks and siphons for sale.

ghost riders customs (0)

ghost riders customs prides itself on making the best bike to fit each a.v. we make custom poses for each custom order using your av so it fits perfect . we also have nice builds that are not custom but are great bikes with the best scripts.

Blood Evolution (0)

Never Underestimate Me.... Owner of Sinful Creations Weddings & Events..contact me for information. 12+ years experience.

SM Mainstore (0)

"Heroes die, death is eternal, but true love is forever!"

* (0)

Great affordable prices. Quick and easy Achievement building. Knowledge to rise quickly in Bloodlines. A safe, helpful environment. Mainly here for family use, but always welcoming for those who need assistance in Bloodlines.