Crossroad Tower Training

Benighted of Bridgetown

Secret Admirers

A Taste of Home

Seekers of Skyvale

Mysterious Meals

Runes of a Rogue

Righting The Recipe

Telescopic Troubles

Mistaken for Murder

A Disappearing Trick

Needs of Nightville

A Very Good Boy

Islands Tower Training

Rum Runner

Scent O'Mental

The Elusive Amulet

The Aspirational Amulet

The Amulet of Absolution

The Moonlit Amulet

The Vital Amulet

Protecting the Pack

Pioneer Problems

The Surprise Party

Dead Man's Diary

Homesick At Halloween

Make Your Marker

Book Bound

The Secret Society

Spooked Sweethearts

Wand for a Wizard

Murky Machinations

Badlands Tower Training

Late Fees

Rex's Regret

Magical Evidence

Havens Tower Training

Fog of the Foul Fungus

Traces of the Tarot

Wish of the Well

Wards of Weston

Denzyl's Dream

Webs We Weave

An Aunt Problem

Shards of a Ghostly Heart

Sincerely Cerberak

Sweet Teeth

Tomatorgon's Tall Tale

Serving the Swamp

The Undertaker's Undertaking

Woodlands Tower Training

Ultra Alpha Sequence

A Bountiful Harvest

A Stray and A Shade

Quirky Cuisine

Uruk Ushtar

Flyer Buyer

Cork Jack

Cork Jockey

Flyer Flier