JohnnyFrance Resident

JohnnyFrance Resident

Destroyed of Brotherhood Of Rage Pack
8th-Gen Lycan
Soul Keeper: CiaranPlutonium Resident
Member since: 10/23/12
Charisma: 11


Inworld I role play and I am not overly friendly. No I am not stuck up, but I think before I act. If you are on my friendlist or in my line, it's because I trust and respect you. Respect and trust must be earned. You think I'm being hard on you? Hell, I'm harder on myself. With me, you only get one chance. Screw that up and you've just screwed yourself. Now that I am a member of the Brotherhood of Rage, I'll be on the hunt for lumen and souls. SL better watch out.

BOR Honored Elder
BOR Honored Elder
Forever loved and honored elder horde member. Gone but not forgotten.
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