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The Claim Flag is a flag you can place on any region to claim your stake in it! If you're the first player to place a Claim Flag on a region, you will forever be known as the "discoverer" of that region! Once a region is discovered, more flags can be placed on it to battle for control of the region between players and Bloodlines Races. The player with the most claims on a given region is known as the Sovereign of that region. The Claim Flag comes in 3 values: 1 point, 10 points, and 25 points. Please note: each Claim Flag can only be used once. Once it has been used, the claim can't be moved or transferred to another region.


  • 1 Claim Flag
  • 1 Set Instructions
  • 1 LM to Bloodlines Main Store

As more claims are placed on a given region, the region will level up! The level of a region determines the resources that can be found on that region. In the very near future, we'll be releasing a treasure-finding HUD that will allow you to dig up valuable resources on any region that has had a claim flag placed on it. The higher level the region, the higher level the resources!

Your Claim Flag will change textures to show the symbol and color for the race you were when you claimed the land, and the land will count towards the land allocation for that race or race hybrid. Any given claim will count for the race the claimer was when they claimed the land, even if they change races in the future.

Find stats on the claim flag and regions at the following locations: