Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!


Enchanted Citadel Legends and Bloodlines Market (37)

All metrics, Containers, Legends Resources, Crafting Stations, Elementum, Coins, Tools for Lindens or coins, 500 Vials all races, Satchels, Swords, Gatcha resell Items, Textures, Tina's Shop, Helping Notecard, Scanning, Haunts, Wishful Watering Quest...

Divergent #7777 (37)

Divergent Yard Scans (When rezzed) Haunts - a few Vial vendors - Paintcan textures, Tank sales, but of this bit of that

Liliths Offspring Clan (0)

Vampires, Lycans, Angels, Demons, Elders and Humans are all welcome at Lilith's Offspring Clan!

WJ #01 (36)

Lilith's Offspring Clan!

BDSMNews @ Setites Clan (30)

BDSMNews list your area in the news just ask us, Kinky Park, Bloodlines, Master, Mistress, Slave, Sub, Adult Fun, Strippers , Nude, GTFO, Heliport, Bloodlines and BikerParties.

Liliths Offspring Clan (24)

Come see our more haunts ..

Little Shop of Bloodlines (24)

Bloodlines Bloodbank Bank Blood Bank Vampire Lycan Human Angel Demon Hybrid Vial Cider Lumen Ether Ichor Container Tank Barrel Apple Legend War Haunt Achievements Soul Accessoires

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Victorian Fair
09-01-2022 0:00am
All of September come enjoy the festivities at...
09-01-2022 0:00am
Chriatmas SHOPPING YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
09-01-2022 0:00am
Let the frosty charm of our snow lands at the...
Space RP
09-01-2022 0:00am
Offering open RP using GTFO...
Halloween Hunted area FREE GIFTS
10-01-2022 0:00am
Come to our Hunted area for some Creepy Fun!!!