Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!


FC Photography (24)

FC Studio's * FC Photography ***Prancing Stallion Ranch***


The Raven's Latest Creation She Devil's Lair where the fun crowd congregates.

Bowels of Hell - Bloodlines Bar (8)

Welcome to the Bowels of Hell - Bloodlines Bar! All creatures and humans are welcome. Sit back and have a drink or explore the Bowels of Hell, or go upward to explore Purgatory and Heaven.

Assamite Blood Bank (8)

Here you can buy: Bloodr, Lumen, Ichor, Ether, Cide, SOULS (simple, legacy & first bite), Achievements..

EVE RageHeart Land (4)

Eve RageHeart Land

**Shadows Rising Bowling Alley** (3)

A Place to hang out and play a few games!

Sanguinus Keep Bloodlines Bar (2)

Relax at the Sanguinus Keep BloodBar, awesome music and shopping all in one place.

The Dungeon at BikerParties Nude Beach (2)

The Dungeon BDSM Bar, Kinky Beach, Bloodlines, Master, Mistress, Slave, Sub, Adult Fun, Strippers , Nude, Rezz your Boat Sail the ADULT Seas, Nude Beach, Dungeon, Body Shots, Sex

Recanto Brasileiro (2)

Come and meet Recanto Brasilleiro, a nice place to reheat with your friends!


Hot Rides and Good Times is what we are all about !Grave Digger's Motor Club and Bar is ready and willing to take on ANY good time and crank it into overdrive! You wanna be a part of a fuckin' awesome party that don't stop?

The Bonneville Salt Flats (2)

The Bonneville Salt Flats Access is free and visitors can drive on the flats. Welcome cars, trucks and motorcycles. Vampire, RP, Blood Lines, Pirate, 7seas, Casino, Money Chest, Sailing, Boats, Sea Planes, Rental space and shops to sell,

Black Sands Beach Club (1)

K.D.S. Beach Club is a Bloodlines friendly place to come socialize, have a few drinks, or just enjoy yourself. Featuring a live DJ. Sundays at the Beach happen every week to end the week and usher in the new. We are also available for any special events.

Athanatoi - The juice bar for the thirsty rogue (1)

Thirsty throat? Get the juice of your choice...

.:Daddys Little Creamery:. (1)

.:Daddys Little Creamery:. is a Mused Farm. Our primary focus is on members of the DDLG community, but all Mused players are free to join! Our barn has stalls for members! We also have a DFS Community Farm.

The Weary Traveler Tavern (1)

Come celebrate the founding of The Huntsmen Guild!! Now recruiting HUMANS to join our family! *NOT seeking Vampires/Lycans/Demons or Angels*

Labyrinth of Darkness (1)

Bloodlines vendors, club, bar, shops, haunts

Something Sweet Cafe (1)

Looking for team players with my Family Crimson Republic. Interested? IM Pk Moyet

S (0)

The Fallen Ones horde welcomes fallen angels, vampires, lycans, dragons, monsters, mythological creatures, spirits and all kinds of beings, even humans. We are all looking for our brothers and sisters to introduce them in the family and share pleasure, fi



FaNg Roadhouse (1)

Set in the backwoods and swamps of Louisiana. A fave haunt of the soon to be Princes of New Orleans, Ðarien FaNg and his twin, Caresse. Boasting a Greedy table, Darts, Air Hockey, Pool tables and a private bar.

Evolved Loved Ones-Bar & Theater (1)

Dance,Movies, Party, Hangout, Lounge, Games, Bloodlines Vendors Lumen and Blood Vial Swap Bite and Claw attack Swaps Acheivments

Liliths Offspring Clan (0)

All are welcome at Lilith's Offspring

phoenix protectors hoarde (0)

The town of kislev and solaris a calm rp loactaion no one is allowed to bite in this land it is a wonderful calm roleplay land we have shops to buy things as well a professional photographer standing by to assist you as well ask for her rates

Seagull Blood Bar (0)

Seagull, An Island of tranquility and solace. I have been proud to call this Place home for 3 Years. It's Owners freely welcome Any and All to the island and ask that you just simply enjoy it

Hugos Immortal Treasures Blood Bank (0)

Hugo's Immortal Treasures Blood Bank - Lumen Bank Buy and Sell soul blood lumens Cider, prism of blood tank, achievement, badges. Contact hugo pappentas

Stray Souls Castle (0)

Welcome to Stray Souls, founded April 24, 2010. We strive to be a strong helpful family that includes non-Bloodlines members. We will not be soul counters. Our members will not attack anyone who does not fully understand Bloodlines (the good and the bad).

The Lost Darkness Soul (0)

Groupe de la famille The Lost Darkness Soul. Ici le respect est de rigueur entre nous et envers autrui. Donc, attention de ne pas tomber sur nous si vous tenez à votre ame car nous sommes incontrôlable surtout la nuit et les jours de pleine lune. Nous ne

World of Anarchy - The Peacock Lounge (0)

World of Anarchy is more than just bars or shops, it's a whole city full of places to explore and roleplay. The Peacock Lounge is a nice bar/club that caters to humans, serving high quality cider to the high class and well to do since 1896.

The Rising Sun (0)

Vampire Gentlemen's Club and Brothel. Where the women may not have a pulse but they will get your heart racing.


Rare SoulWar Textures,Club, School info board, board for the role of play with direct bloodlines website links, achievement medals and many other things suited to your game!