Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!


Club Tir nAil (15)

Welcome to Tír nAil "Other Land". In celtic mythology it is the land where the Celtic Gods and the dead live. Come dance the night away at our club! Enjoy the open strip poles, hang out at our upper deck bar or take a dip in our rooftop pool!

Dark Blood Shop - Bloodlines - 02 (10)

Blood Bank, Vampire, Lycan, Human, Angel, Demon, Hybrid Cider, Blood, Lumen, Ether, Ichor Container, Tank, Barrel, Apple Legends, War, Haunt, Vial Achievements, souls Accessories, Paint Contact: DarkBloodMasterSL WENS Giha bebs2000 Giha

The Bonneville Salt Flats (9)

The Bonneville Salt Flats Access is free and visitors can drive on the flats. Welcome cars, trucks and motorcycles. Vampire, RP, Blood Lines, Pirate, 7seas, Casino, Money Chest, Sailing, Boats, Sea Planes, Rental space and shops to sell,

Sanguinus Keep Bloodlines Bar (2)

Relax at the Sanguinus Keep BloodBar, awesome music and shopping all in one place. Come click our new wells for Determined.

Nocturnal (2)

Blood Bank HUD bloodlines pt. HUD tp vampire/lycan. Bar Haunt Contact: J3atista LindaOMorgan Jinx

S (1)

The Fallen Ones horde welcomes fallen angels, vampires, lycans, dragons, monsters, mythological creatures, spirits and all kinds of beings, even humans. We are all looking for our brothers and sisters to introduce them in the family and share pleasure, fi

The Dungeon at BikerParties Nude Beach (1)

The Dungeon BDSM Bar, Kinky Beach, Bloodlines, Master, Mistress, Slave, Sub, Adult Fun, Strippers , Nude, Rezz your Boat Sail the ADULT Seas, Nude Beach, Dungeon, Body Shots, Sex

Crimson Republic Home (1)

Looking for team players with my Family Crimson Republic. Interested? IM Pk Moyet

**Shadows Rising Bowling Alley** (1)

A Place to hang out and play a few games!

Juice bar for the thirsty rogue (1)

Thirsty throat? Get the juice of your choice... Then enter... Beware of the maze. Follow the fire and pass Zerberos to discover the Athanatoi underworld. Do not accept to consume anything or you will get addicted and Hades will let you go no more.

MISTFITS JUNCTION Medieval realm 24058 (0)

Our Tavern is a place that we hang and sit around the fire chatting and having a great laugh. Great music when our Dj's take up the turn tables. Come join us or just walk around the sims and enjoy all there is to see.

Seagull Blood Bar (0)

Seagull, An Island of tranquility and solace. I have been proud to call this Place home for 3 Years. It's Owners freely welcome Any and All to the island and ask that you just simply enjoy it

RYU-ZU (0)

RYU-ZU is oriental style haunt. Open for Bloodlines player and anyone interested.

.:: Club Nocturne ::. (0)

Night Club of the Bloodlines Vampire/Lycans/Hybrids/Humans clan Dominos Nocturne, led by Draygorn Drezelan. A growing, but loving family, all are welcome to join.

EVE RageHeart Land (0)

Eve RageHeart Land

NorTon Johns Bar & SLRR Rezz area. (0)

BikerParties Transportation Information Center with a list of great areas in SL to Ride, Fly , Sail and Ride the rails. Also the Biker Events Calendar and HWD Fine Leather and Tattoos.

Black Sands Beach Club (0)

K.D.S. Beach Club is a Bloodlines friendly place to come socialize, have a few drinks, or just enjoy yourself. Featuring a live DJ. Sundays at the Beach happen every week to end the week and usher in the new. We are also available for any special events.

Liliths Offspring Clan (0)

Welcome to Lilith's Offspring Pub stop in for a drink and pass a vote for us

Les Morti Clan Land-1 (0)

Les Morti Family land, Vampires, Lycans, Humans, Hybrids. Games area, events

REVOSA Blood Bar (0)

Come on over to the REVOSA blood bar, have some blood, have a hotdog, what a combo! ;D

Snow White (0)

Our official hideout.Blood / Moonshine / Cider Bar.Everyone is welcome.

Coconutz Nutcase (0)




Snows Roadhouse (0)

A cosy little bar, playing some classic rock music. Feel free to make the place your own and remember that fun is what we make it!

Stray Souls Turnpoint Complex (0)

Welcome to Stray Souls, founded April 24, 2010. We strive to be a strong helpful family that includes non-Bloodlines members. We will not be soul counters. Our members will not attack anyone who does not fully understand Bloodlines (the good and the bad).

cafe embraced (0)

For Japanese Vampires cafe ===========

Howling Wolf Tavern (0)

Howling Wolf Tavern has a long history as one of Susilaakso - Wolf Vale's finest locally owned and operated venues. Named after the legendary Howling miller. Wolf Vale was introduced to the Howling Wolf Tavern 2013 in different name.

Liliths Offspring Clan (0)

All are welcome at Lilith's Offspring

House of Creeooo (0)

Home of the Creeooo Family, we welcome all who seek a place to dance and enjoy a good chat.. and the joys of sharing a drink in a bar... . We sell Bloodline drinks for all so come and enjoy your favorite mix!