You can buy Vital Blood, Lumens, and Cider directly to store in your Reserve Account. Any metrics stored in your Reserve Account can be filled directly into containers (Blood Tanks and Casks, Prisms, and Cider Barrels) through the refill stations on Liquid Frontier, Liquid South, and Liquid Badlands. The refill stations will display an icon corresponding to the type of container they have most recently been linked to, but any refill station can be used to refill any kind of container.

Refill station prices are listed in the table below. You can teleport to the refill stations using the map links at the top of each column.

Price ($L)
Vital Blood




299 5 50 5 50 5
869 15 150 15 150 15
1129 20 200 20 200 20
4999 100 1000 100 1000 100

If you're unable to reach any of these stations, we also have a backup location at Mechozilla with all 4 refill stations.

To use the refill stations, you must first purchase blood, lumens or cider from the vendors nearby. Resources purchased this way will go to your "Reserve" on you proflie in your cellar, and will be available to refill into your containers.

To use the refill station, you need to be wearing a Refill Key. Refill Keys are free, and you can get one by clicking the Refill Key vendor near the refill station. If you use the station without wearing a Refill Key, the refill will still work, but your tank won't update with the new amount. If this happens, you can get your tank to update by re-rezzing it, or by drinking from it or filling it. Once you are wearing your Refill Key, and you have purchased the metric that you wish you refill, follow these instructions to use the refill stations:

  1. Click on the refill station, it will give you a menu asking you to confirm that you want to use the refill station. Click "Proceed" to confirm.
  2. Make sure the container you want to refill is rezzed within chat range of the refill station. Click on your container, and then click "Select" on your container menu.
  3. If your container checks out, you will get a menu that will give you options for refilling your container. Select the amount you want to fill, or 'Max' to fill the container to the max (or up to the amount that you have available). Or, you can select 'Other', and follow the instructions to select a different amount.
  4. Once you select an amount, your container will automatically be refilled from your reserve account.

Here are a couple things to note:

  1. Metrics in your Reserve Account don't contribute to your wealth.
  2. Reserve Accounts can only be accessed through refill stations. You can't move metrics into your Reserve Account from existing containers, you can't drink directly from your Reserve Account, and you can't move metrics between Reserve Accounts on different avatars.
  3. Having metrics in your reserve account won't prevent you from being destroyed by the Curse, just like having metrics in containers doesn't protect you.
  4. Reserve Accounts don't affect or interact with anything else in the game, they just give you a convenient way to refill empty containers.