The ability to upload a profile photo and some text to is a feature that we provide to members of Bloodlines to allow them to personalize their profiles, introduce themselves to other players, and express themselves. However, this is a privilege that can be revoked without warning or notice if you violate any of the guidelines in this profile policy, or if any content that you upload is inappropriate in our judgment.

As a guideline, your profile image should be of your Second Life avatar. It should not be a picture of you in real life, a picture of your kids, your dog, a landscape, or of anything else, just of you in Second Life. That said, we will not necessarily consider your photo being of something other than your avatar grounds for removal if it doesn't violate any other guideline in this policy, but you are strongly encouraged to make it a picture of your Second Life avatar.

Violation of the following rules are grounds for removal of your profile photo and termination of your Bloodlines account without warning or notice. These are just guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove anything that we deem to be inappropriate in our own subjective judgment.

  1. Do not upload content that violates local or US law.
  2. Do not upload content that is pornographic or contains nudity (real or virtual).
  3. Do not upload content that depicts graphic violence or attempts to incite violence.
  4. Do not upload content that defames, bullies, threatens, intimidates, or harasses anyone else.
  5. Do not upload content that is hateful, or contains terms or images that are intended to offend individuals or groups.
  6. Do not post real-life contact information such as email addresses or phone numbers for yourself or for anyone else.
  7. Do not post anything that could be construed as vulgar or crude.

If there is any question in your mind about whether uploading a specific image or text is appropriate, it is probably not appropriate.