Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!


Liliths Offspring Clan (0)

Vampires, Lycans, Angels, Demons, Elders and Humans are all welcome at Lilith's Offspring Clan!


Setites Clan home of Victorian, Pirate, Vampires, Lycan, RP. Come to the Role Play info center to find out what events are scheduled. Bloodlines, Bloodlines WAR, Vitae, KROS, SPD-J and Spell Fire all are welcome.

Bloodlines Crafting and Quests (10)

Vampire, Vampire Club, RP, Blood Lines, Vampire RP, 7seas, Fishing, Sailing, Boats, Home Rentals, Boat Docks, Pirate RP , Bloodlines War,Unity Maxim, Victorian Dark RP., Midieval RP, Unity Pouch, Motorcycle Track, Biker RP, GTFO, Space Station

Roses and Thorns Region (8)

Oct 1, 2023 The Dark Forest, 3rd Annual Halloween Haunt & Hunt in a Gothic Victorian Village. New people welcome, Friendly to All! Roleplay, Learning, Education, & live events. BeYou, LilB, Pregnancy services, LGBT, BDSM, Polyamory, Mama Allpa, Suki Babie

Pangea Estates - Let us Help you make your SL dreams a reality. (6)

Welcome to our office, Land rentals, sim rentals. From small skyboxes to full sim rentals. Pangea Estates let us help you make your SL dreams a reality. Beach and grass, adult and moderate, dedicated residential, commercial, breedables and Bloodlines.

Pangea Estates - Rentals from Full Sims to Skyboxes (6)

Welcome to our office, Land rentals, sim rentals. From small skyboxes to full sim rentals. Pangea Estates let us help you make your SL dreams a reality. Beach and grass, adult and moderate, dedicated residential, commercial, breedables and Bloodlines.

X-Breed Weapons & Gear 2 (3)

There are alot of weapons in SL stop here to see what you have been missing. magic huds weapons DBZ majic swords and alot more

Ebon Askavi StrongHold, Von Wolf Clan (3)

Our home sim. please respect the homes and people there.

Our Pride Family (2)

Clubhouse for Our Pride Family, feel free to visit

Hair of the Dog Bar Setites Lycans (2)

Setites Vampires rule the night. Setites LYCANS rule the day. WE ARE LYCAN.

HELLZ GATE and Dark Horse Arts (2)

HELLZ GATE TOP 3 SIM BL 9th Yr Anniversary, Honorable Mention pub crawl, Corvi Scorta Clan, TRACK, Dark Horse Motorcycles, Dark Horse Arts, Dark Horse Tattoo,

Empreyal Almighty Legion (2)

Welcome to the home of Empreyal Almighty Legion! This is the place where the magic happens! This is the place where dreams become reality! This is Panda Nation! Welcome to our home!

Phoenix Hunters Horde Family Land, Est.2014 #2 (2)

We are a family that unites all roles of BL-Humans, Vampires,Lycans & Hybrids. We don't want drama or BS,like some love to do, keep that at the door! We are here to have fun & enjoy BL & SL as it should. If you like to join our family get with one of us.

Bathory-Atreides Retreat (1)

Guild Alliance and Bathory Elite Clan Embassy. On location you may find the Guild Alliance Hall of Heroes and also the Guild Alliance Museum. The building serves also as an Embassy for Bathory Elite Clan. On the top of that building you may find the Starl

Stardust Legion (1)

Madelyn Silvara's Memory

MoonBlackFire Horde (1)

MoonBlackFire Horde

Lover Gallery 2018 (1)

Gallery Tour 2018

Venture Toreador Horde (1)

LIVE... LOVE... LAUGH New home of bloodlines members & new club/pub Dark Hollow Club. Bloodlines friendly and serving bloodlines blood/cider/moonshine. ALL are welcome. Members of Venture Toreador Horde .

Mercyful Souls (1)

Would you Rather?

Labyrinth Family (1)

On wings of light the Angels sought, with voices that rang the Humans sang, with blood in their veins the Vampires came, with the moonlight, Lycans ran in full sight, and in darkness too the Demons knew that all gathered within were home in the Labyrinth.

Oniro - Romantic Land of Dreams (1)

Fun loving LUCID DREAM family home, CLUBS with contests, blood, lumens & apples, RP, romantic and wild nature, games, beach, pirate, wedding venues, and... underwater MER world! Moderate, NO blind bites, no nudity.


Group of the Bloodlines clan Eternal Flames Everybody is welcome to join:) Clan leader is toniaatje Jupiter AKA Biatch Fenwitch

Shadows Rising Clan (1)

Shadow's Rising Clan Land. Home of the "Shadow's Rising Horde"

Crimson Republic (1)

A walk in the park...

Eternal Nighthawks (0)

Esta é a entrada para Eternal Nighthawks. Por favor, venha aqui para um tour e aprender o que temos a oferecer a você! (This is the entrance to Eternal Nighthawks. Please come here for a tour and learn what we have to offer you!)

Dragons Embraced Clan (0)

Leader: silverdragon1966 Tigerpaw We are a family based clan. We Welcome all races. All we ask is you bring no drama, no bull, as that will not be tolerated. If you want to know more feel free to message the Alpha King-silver

Angels Of Savage Garden (0)

Home of Angels of Savage Garden, a clan founded in love and friendship. We cherish the ones that come to us, we care, love and support each other in every way we can. If you are interested in joining ASG, please contact us.

Route 1, Clearwing BikerParties GTFO Out Post (0)

The BikerParties GTFO Information Center with a list of great GTFO HUBs in SL. Listings of Biker Areas, Biker Bar, Weltenville Rp areas and Blood Lines Friendly areas. All Main land Information.

The G.O.A.T (0)

Monsters for Life

Loba DENGOSA (0)

Se há alguma coisa que dá soberania à alma é a paciência qual era o segredo dos mestres que realizaram grandes coisas,inspiraram muitas pessoas e ajudaram muitas almas! o Segredo deles era a Paciência..