Bloodlines Legends is an expansion that allows Bloodlines players the ability to collect resources and go on quests! All you need in order to play Bloodlines Legends is the Legends HUD. All current players of Bloodlines who own one of the current race HUDs will get the Legends HUD for free, included in the crate with the most recent update of their HUDs. For new players who don't want any of the other Bloodlines HUDs, the Legends HUD can be purchased separately and used without participating in the other aspects of Bloodlines (attacks, souls, etc).

Bloodlines Legends consists of the following aspects:

Additional Topics:

Claiming Regions With The Claim Flag

You can start claiming regions in Bloodlines Legends with the Claim Flag! You can become the discoverer or the sovereign of any region in SL! For stats on regions, check out the Map, and the stats for Sovereigns and Explorers.

Claim Flags are available in 1, 10, and 25-point versions, and 10-packs of each point level are also available. When you place a claim flag on a region, your claim and current race is recorded for that region. Whichever race has placed the most flags on that region is the dominant race.

Whoever places the first flag on a region is the region Discoverer, and whoever has individually placed the most flags on that region is the region Sovereign. The Discoverer is permanent, but the Sovereign can change. As more flags are placed on a region, that region's level increases. The level of a region determines which magic resources can be found there with the Magic Map.

Players are also ranked by total points on all regions in the ranking Standard Bearers.

Collecting Resources With Your Magic Map

Your Magic Map is built into the Legends HUD. If you press the map button on your HUD, a map of your current region will expand above your HUD with a marker indicating your current position on the region. Using your magic map, you can find resources on any region where a claim flag has been placed. To find resources, you just need to search in the right place.

To search with your Magic Map, all you need to do is click and drag on it in order to determine your search area. Your spell area will be indicated by a white circle. It costs more stamina to search a larger area at once. The stamina amount will be indicated by a number next to your Map Sphere on your HUD. Touching the map sphere will cast the search spell, and a sound and the color of the circle will indicate how far you are from the next resource. A red circle means far, yellow means closer, and green means very close. The sounds you hear will also indicate how close you are.

There is a limited number of resources you can find on each sim, which will depend on what level the sim is, and how much you have leveled up your Master Scavenger Skill. But, if you run out of resources on one region, you can always move onto a different one. To find more regions, you can touch your Compass button and select 'Regions'. You must have at least one empty pocket in your backpack in order to cast your Map Spell. This is so you don't spend stamina to find something that you don't have room for.

When you gain resources, they will appear in your backpack. You can expand your backpack by pressing the backpack button on your HUD. Your Backpack starts with 32 pockets. Each resource has a maximum stack size that can fit in each pocket. You can increase the size of your backpack by leveling up your Seasoned Traveler Skill.

It's possible to get two resources on a dig, and you can increase this chance by leveling up your Lucky Strike Skill. Every resource has a level that correlates with region levels. The max level of resource you can get on any given sim is the lesser of your level or the sim level. So, if you're on a level 5 sim, and you're level 7, the max level of resource you'll be able to get is 5. In this situation, there is already a high chance you will get a level 5 item, and a small chance you will get an item from a lower level. So, if you are looking for an item of a particular level, make sure you are at least that level, and then go to a region that matches that level. You can increase the chance that you will get an item from the max level even more by leveling up your Visionary Skill.

You never know when a resource will come in handy. You might need it for crafting, or it may be needed for a quest!

Completing Quests

Once you have the Legends HUD, you are ready to do some Quests! There are many objects, clues, places and characters scattered throughout the Bloodlines sims that you can interact with to complete quests. There are 5 main Bloodlines sims, one for each race:

  1. Bloodlines Midlands (Mortal Crossroads)
  2. Bloodlines East (Vampire Islands)
  3. Bloodlines West (Lycan Woodlands)
  4. Bloodlines North (Angel Havens)
  5. Bloodlines South (Demon Badlands)
On the roleplay area for each sim, you'll find a tower, you can enter that tower to find a guide that will send you off on a main quest. Most quest objects are triggered when you touch them, but some quest objects will be triggered when you come near them or collide with them. Don't forget to watch out for danger! As you explore the sims, ask around, you never know who or what might have an adventure for you!

When you accept a quest, it will appear in your Quest Journal. To access your quest journal, go to your Bloodlines profile and click on the Quests icon under your Legends section.

Sharing the Map Sphere

The Map Sphere is a free, copy / transfer item that comes with your Legends HUD that you can distribute freely! The first time you rez your map sphere on the ground, it gets imprinted with your name, and becomes transferable. When you give the Map Sphere to someone and they rez it, it will be recorded in our system. If your Map Sphere is the last one they rezzed before joining Bloodlines Legends, you will get a Stamina Bonus! If you level up the Philanthropist Skill, you can increase the amount of bonus stamina you get when others join after rezzing your Map Sphere. They can also redeem the Map Sphere to get an additional Stamina bonus when they join.


Many actions in Bloodlines Legends will cost or cause you to lose stamina, and there are many ways to gain stamina:

  • Interacting with quest objects can cause you to both earn and lose stamina.
  • Every day that you log in with the Legends HUD, you will get a stamina bonus. This bonus can increase if you level up your Dynamo Skill.
  • You can gain stamina on the spot by crafting metric packs from Vital Blood, Lumens, Ether, and Ichor. You can increase the amount of stamina you get out of each metric pack by leveling up your Energy Alchemist Skill.

Skills and Leveling Up

You can gain experience points through many actions that you take in Bloodlines Legends, such as placing Claim Flags, searching with the magic map, and going on quests. Each time you fill your XP (experience point) bar, you will level up, and each time you level up, you get a skill point to spend. There are three Skill Trees: Stamina, Carry, and Search.

  1. Stamina:
    • Dynamo: more daily stamina
    • Iron Constitution:
    • Philanthropist:
    • Energy Alchemist:
  2. Carry:
    • Seasoned Traveler: More room in backpack
  3. Search:
    • Visionary: higher chance of getting max resource level
    • Master Scavenger: more resources per region per day
    • Lucky Strike: higher chance of getting two resources in a single dig

Collecting Treasures

Treasures are different from resources in that they are scripted mesh items that exist in world and are delivered to your SL inventory, as opposed to resources that are only tracked in your backpack or treasure chests. The first treasure is The Wand. Each wand that you get is likely to be different, and will have a unique look, name, rarity, features, and properties. There are tens of thousands of different possible wands. You can obtain treasures by completing the main quest lines in the game. You can set the treasure of each kind that appears on your profile if you're logged into the website.

The Mine

The Mine is a "Gathering Station" where minerals can be collected. All Gathering Stations require a specific tool to be attached. The Mine requires a pick. The Iron Pick can be obtained from a machine in the Badlands Wizard Dungeon (where you find Abraxas) on Bloodlines South. More kinds of picks will be released in the future.

To use the mine, make sure you have your Legends HUD and a pick attached, and sit on the mine. Two avatars can sit on each mine at one time. To make an attempt at collecting minerals, touch the mine once you are sitting on it. Each attempt at collecting minerals will cost some stamina, and will reduce the durability of your pick. When your pick reaches 0 durability, it must be improved at the Smithing Station.

The Smithing Station

The Smithing Station is a special station used to increase the durability of tools such as the Pick. Ingots that match the material of the tool are needed to increase durability. For example, Iron Ingots can be used to increase the durability of the Iron Pick. In the future, more tool materials and ingots will be available.

To use the Smithing Station, you must attach your Legends HUD and the tool you want to improve and then sit on the Smithing Station. Only one person can sit on each Smithing Station at a time. Once you are sitting on the station, make sure that the necessary ingredients (such as Iron Ingots) are in your hand on your HUD, and then touch the station to improve your tool. When on the Smithing Station, your avatar will play a "hammering" animation. There is an optional hammer you can attach for visual purposes, but it is not required in order to improve your tool.

The Ink Station

The Ink Station is a "Mixing Station". Mixing Stations don't require tools. It can be used to create various kinds of inks from recipes. Many recipes must be unlocked through doing quests in order to use them. Inks are required for many of the quests on Demon Badlands. When you have unlocked a recipe, you will see it under your recipes section on your profile on the Bloodlines website, and it will tell you the necessary ingredients and the output you will get.

To use the Ink Station, make sure you are wearing your Legends HUD and sit on the station. Move any ingredients you want to use in a recipe into your hand on your Legends HUD, and then touch the station to craft.

Legends Stats

There are several different rankings you can compete for in Legends:

  • Legendary Adventurers: combined ranking based on treasure collection, quests, and experience
  • Treasures: ranking of the rarest treasures
  • Resource Wealth: ranking of those with the most and rarest collection of resources
  • Experienced: ranking of those with the highest total XP
  • Achievements: ranking of adventurers by overall achievement progress
  • Standard Bearers: ranking of members by most claim flag points
  • Sovereigns: ranking of those who are sovereigns of the most regions
  • Explorers: ranking of those who have discovered the most regions

Resource Storage and Transfer

If you run out of space in your backpack, you can always delete items by moving them into your hand and dropping them on the ground with the button on your Legends HUD. But, if you want to keep them, you can buy resource storage chests that have up to 50 pockets of space in them. Treasure Storage Chests can be used to transfer caches of resources to other players. We will also be providing Market Barrels, vendors that have a single pocket and hold any resource and can be used to sell any resource to other players for a price that you set.

About Profiles and Accounts

Anyone who has one or more of the Bloodlines HUDs will have a profile on slbloodlines.com. This includes both the main race HUDs (Thirst, Rage, Human HUD, Ascent, and Torment), and the Legends HUD. If you only own the Legends HUD, the parts of your Bloodlines profile on slbloodlines.com that integrate with the rest of the system (souls, bites, etc) will still be there, but won't have any data in them. You'll be able to access all of your legends information through the links in the Legends section of your profile.

If you only own the Legends HUD, you will be considered unregistered by the other aspects of Bloodlines. This means if you wear the Legends HUD, you will continue to keep the same Bloodlines status you had before. If you are currently a fresh victim, you will continue to be a fresh victim. If you are currently in Limbo, you will continue to be in Limbo.