Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!


Novus Ordo Et Inmortuae (25)

Why are you sitting there reading this, when you can click the teleport now button, and hang out with the friends you haven't met yet?

Novus Ordo Et Inmortuae (25)

Your friendly demonic crow!

Coconutz Club (19)

Place to hang out with family an friends. We are a club that is kid friendly, we have shops, haunts all over the place. We just love to have fun an entertain.

Assamite Blood Bank (16)

Here you can buy: Bloodr, Lumen, Ichor, Ether, Cide, SOULS (simple, legacy & first bite), Achievements...

Gas Can Alley Riding Sim- Temptation Auction & Big Dog Iron (14)

Our clan is one of the first 300 clans activated within the Bloodlines system after its origination within the SecondLife grid... Our clan is one of the oldest and still active clans and we are always looking for good minions to join our ranks......

Bloodlines East (12)

Bloodlines East shopping plaza is a popular hangout, and the home of the Vampire Islands RP Area.

Wunderlich Plaza (9)

This is a new, Deutsch/Englisch friendly Bloodlines bar complete with Bloodlines Vendors, Shops and a full size bar INCLUDING ICHOR AND AURA. Come join us with dancing and a tasty drink! Please be appropriate when interacting with each other.

Bloody Lollys Blood Bank (4)

Delicious BLOOD - Shiny LUMEN - Sparkling CIDER - Foul ICHOR - Succulent ETHER - Fresh SOULS (Trade, Liege, Legacy, First Bite) - MESH CONTAINERS - ACHIEVEMENTS - Custom Blood & Cider Tubs and many other Bloodlines products! *Quality service since 2014*

Verus Immortuos Horde THIRST Area (7)

Welcome to Verus East our own BL East area. You are now on the THIRST Wing, anything you need BL related is here straight ahead!

Ex Vita Un Nex (0)

Vendor and landing

karaoke beach house (7)

Are de lazer, praia, loja e club country


Area de lazer, praia, club e lojas de animacoes e muita alegria

.:Daddys Little Creamery:. (6)

.:Daddys Little Creamery:. is a Mused Farm. Our primary focus is on members of the DDLG community, but all Mused players are free to join! Our barn has stalls for members! We also have a DFS Community Farm.

The Blue Reef Mall (6)

Mall, BOOTGASM, Mens shoes, Womens shoes, Blue Reef Resell Storel, (great for classic avatars) edge by Suzanne Michielle, ADN, Affiliate Alli&Ali; designs, Wild Orchid, hoorenbeek, free bowling alley, lucky boards. Inverse Homes Renee India and Magic Fis

Ex Vita Un Nex 12 (4)

Ex Vita Un Nex

Shadow Wood Mall (4)

Second Life's newest unique shopping destination is at Shadow Wood Mall! Home to Bound Angel Photography, Feline Fine Fashions, and much more! Rentals available at flexible rates.

Pangea Estates Rentals (3)

Please visit our office, Land rentals, sim rentals. From small sky boxes to full sim rentals. Pangea Estates let us help you make your SL dreams a reality. Beach and grass, adult and moderate, dedicated residential, commercial, breedables and Bloodlines.

The Grey Goose (4)

The Grey Goose..... Offers the men of SL the latest trends in Mesh Fashion. High Quality clothes at reasonable prices. We offer group discounts to members. We offer a chance to win on the midnight mania board. Weekly contests and latest updates for member

KAT Co. Blood Bank (4)

It started as just a small thing. It has grown a bit. We buy and sell both Blood and Lumens. Tanks, Prisms, Barrels. And a few items of our Design

portal 2 (4)

Eternal Flames Shops

Weltenville VAMPIRE AND DARK GAME Vendor AREA (3)

Welcome to the Setites Vendor Area, Bloodlines, Lycan, Vampire, Human and WAR. Bloodlines Fortune Hunt, KROS System, Destiny System Vampire and LYCAN HUDS and the Dark Emdrace Vampire System. Vampire Games,and many Shops.

Meep Meep Retreat (3)

My home away from home. Where I keep & breed my ABC horses, yay.

Somaa Boutique (3)

Low prim items for your home, Carpets, decorator items, Bookcases menu driven that serve note cards and more. Offering great household items for your Linden home and more. Book Cases, Book Case, Carpet, Carpets, Vase, 1 Prim.

Weltenville City & Shopping Area (3)

Beautiful clothing in Mesh! Visit the Weltenville shopping area. Find clothing, furniture, rentals, candles and décor and even breedables!

The Embrace (3)

All Bloodline's players welcome,we offer HUD'S as well as a Bloodline's Bar and Vending please come by and check out the store! Thank you Jared and Tasha Kursed Order O The Rose

DarkStone Dungeon (2)

Come get some vendor items at your own risk.

Tengu Haunts (2)

Demons - Angels, and everything in-between.


Odeio do oceano as iras e os tumultos, Que retratam minh'alma! O riso singular E o amargo do infeliz, misto de pranto e insultos, É um riso semelhante ao do soturno mar. Ai! como eu te amaria, ó Noite, caso tu Pudesses alijar a luz que te consté

Evolved Loved Ones-Sanctuary (2)

Evolved Sanctuary, Bloodlines Products Sold Here. Everyone Welcome All bloodlines Affiliate Vendors Bite Animations