Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!


Novus Ordo Et Inmortuae (22)

Why are you sitting there reading this, when you can click the teleport now button, and hang out with the friends you haven't met yet?

Novus Ordo Et Inmortuae (22)

Your friendly demonic crow!

Bloodlines East (17)

Bloodlines East shopping plaza is a popular hangout, and the home of the Vampire Islands RP Area.

Assamite Blood Bank (14)

Here you can buy: Bloodr, Lumen, Ichor, Ether, Cide, SOULS (simple, legacy & first bite), Achievements...

Bloody Lollys Blood Bank (10)

Delicious BLOOD - Shiny LUMEN - Sparkling CIDER - Foul ICHOR - Succulent ETHER - Fresh SOULS (Trade, Liege, Legacy, First Bite) - MESH CONTAINERS - ACHIEVEMENTS - Custom Blood & Cider Tubs and many other Bloodlines products! *Quality service since 2014*

Fenicia Verga coffin (8)

Puoi farmi di tutto sino a che te lo permetto. Ma c'è una cosa che non devi fare: non sottovalutarmi, mai...

Moonlight Gaze 3 (1)

Blood, Lumen, Ether, Ichor & Cider.Simple & First Bite Souls Available. Achievement Services. Tanks. Mall also available other needs (breedables, gachas, and more)

The Grey Goose (6)

The Grey Goose..... Offers the men of SL the latest trends in Mesh Fashion. High Quality clothes at reasonable prices. We offer group discounts to members. We offer a chance to win on the midnight mania board. Weekly contests and latest updates for member

Your Ceremony Area - RezZone - BloodShop - Haunts (4)

Welcome to Your new Ceremony Area. With Slaves places, Open barrel, Rez Zone and shop. You will get Souls and new minion more easily, create your own Ceremony with your clan, friends or couple. You will access also at the free Public Castle of pleasure


The Raven's Dark Horse Art Gallery, Located at Hellz Gate sim, adult, erotic and extreme art. Specializing in fine stained glass and hard to find textures. Located on Corvi Scorta Clan Lands. Erotic Vamp/Demon Art

Kinky Angels (4)

Welcome to Kinky Angels, a small store, with an ever growing range of BDSM cages, trunks,sex animations and miscellaneous items

.:Kinky Angels:. (4)

Welcome to Kinky Angels, a small store, with an ever growing range of BDSM cages, trunks, collars,sex animations and miscellaneous items.

Devoted Ex Vita Un Nex Pack (3)

V*******************V Ex Vita Un Nex family members. Bite/Claw/Exhalt/Corupt/Vial Trade Sim. Turns. Achievments. We are the immortal, The hybid, the vampire, the lycan, the human angel. Welcome Demons and Angels. Come be with us. MC

Ithuriel Enigmata World (3)

Tratava-se realmente de um anjo. Não sei se arcanjo ou serafim, não entendo de hierarquias, mas indubitavelmente, inconfundivelmente um anjo.

Gypsy Soul (3)

Demons - Angels, and everything in-between.

Gypsy Soul (3)

Demons - Angels, and everything in-between.

*~~BLACK DAHLIA~~*auction house (3)



Odeio do oceano as iras e os tumultos, Que retratam minh'alma! O riso singular E o amargo do infeliz, misto de pranto e insultos, É um riso semelhante ao do soturno mar. Ai! como eu te amaria, ó Noite, caso tu Pudesses alijar a luz que te consté

Gypsy Soul (3)

A desire for the unknown. A sense of adventure. An Insatiable urge for wanderlust.

ghost riders customs (3)

ghost riders customs prides itself on making the best bike to fit each a.v. we make custom poses for each custom order using your av so it fits perfect . we also hav nice builds that are not custom but are great bikes wit the best scripts.

Tip Jars & Tip Boards by .: EM :. (2)

Tip Jars in Club & Personal Models by .: Emerging Media :. in unique mesh & prim versions. Personal models with multiple appearance & function options. Club tip jars & percent splits & employee log-in. Customizable Tip Boards. New: Tip Jars Gacha!

Sanguinus Keep Mall V-Twins Shoppe (2)

Sanguinus Keep Mall - One of the oldest ongoing malls in Second Life. Bloodlines friendly, we now have our V-Twins Shoppe back. Come see the new fashions

Hugos Immortal Treasures Blood Bank (2)

Hugo's Immortal Treasures Blood Bank - Lumen Bank Buy and Sell soul blood lumens Cider, prism of blood tank, achievement, badges. Contact hugo pappentas

Weltenville City & Shopping Area (2)

Beautiful clothing in Mesh! Visit the Weltenville shopping area. Find clothing, furniture, rentals, candles and décor and even breedables!

The family of RainNight (2)

The Home of My Beloved family.


Ihr wollt Geile Deutsche Gesten... Namens Gesten auf Wunsch auch gestöhnt^^... dann seit Ihr hier richtig... Sonderanfertigungen aller Art... schaut Euch einfach mal um Nichts ist unmöglich einfach Luna fragen^^ LG Lunacruor Josephina

Evolved Loved Ones-Sanctuary (2)

Evolved Sanctuary, Bloodlines Products Sold Here. Everyone Welcome All bloodlines Affiliate Vendors Bite Animations

Shadow Wood Mall (2)

Second Life's newest unique shopping destination is at Shadow Wood Mall! Home to Bound Angel Photography, Feline Fine Fashions, and much more! Rentals available at flexible rates.

+KY Designs+ (2)

SL Photography + Traditional Art made by me! IM or Drop a notecard for more info!