Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!


Burnt Church (0)

The crimson fluid flows along your tongue and you shudder in anticipation. Your pulse and heart beat quickens, the hunger drives your senses. The "inner beast" rips at your soul to burst free. Feed the need. Quench the desires.

Assamite Blood Bank (12)

Here you can buy: Bloodr, Lumen, Ichor, Ether, Cide, SOULS (simple, legacy & first bite), Achievements...

West Gallery Mall (12)

Unique and very affordable items are waiting for your review at the West Gallery Mall. Everything from Hot Sports Cars and our Flying Stopper system to the unusual and macabre. As with all of our products ANY problems what so ever, just let us know ASAP


We are a family that unites all roles of BL-Humans, Vampires,Lycans & Hybrids. We don't want drama or BS,like some love to do, keep that at the door! We are here to have fun & enjoy BL & SL as it should. If you like to join our family get with one of us.

Ex Vita Un Nex (0)

Vendor and landing

Ex Vita Un Nex 12 (11)

Ex Vita Un Nex

Bloody Lollys Blood Bank (10)

Delicious BLOOD - Shiny LUMEN - Sparkling CIDER - Foul ICHOR - Succulent ETHER - Fresh SOULS (Trade, Liege, Legacy, First Bite) - MESH CONTAINERS - ACHIEVEMENTS - Custom Blood & Cider Tubs and many other Bloodlines products! *Quality service since 2014*

Animal House (9)

Bloodlines friendly; Animal House is a store filled with Breedable animals of ALL kinds. New animals arrive often, keep LM handy! We share land with Zooby Zoo's Adoption Agency. Adopt a Zooby baby at any stage!

Kinky Angels (8)

Welcome to Kinky Angels, a small store, with an ever growing range of BDSM cages, trunks,sex animations and miscellaneous items

.:Kinky Angels:. (8)

Welcome to Kinky Angels, a small store, with an ever growing range of BDSM cages, trunks, collars,sex animations and miscellaneous items.


The Raven's Dark Horse Art Gallery, Located at Hellz Gate sim, adult, erotic and extreme art. Specializing in fine stained glass and hard to find textures. Located on Corvi Scorta Clan Lands. Erotic Vamp/Demon Art

Phoenix Bloodbank (7)

Achievement Service Blood and Lumen Refill - Souls Simple/Lieged/Legacy/First bite We buy and sell Souls Tanks/Casks Prisms etc. #166 Haunts on the land

Shadow Wood Mall (6)

Second Life's newest unique shopping destination is at Shadow Wood Mall! Home to Bound Angel Photography, Feline Fine Fashions, and much more! Rentals available at flexible rates.

Bloodlines East (6)

Bloodlines East shopping plaza is a popular hangout, and the home of the Vampire Islands RP Area.



Devoted Ex Vita Un Nex Pack (5)

V*******************V Ex Vita Un Nex family members. Bite/Claw/Exhalt/Corupt/Vial Trade Sim. Turns. Achievments. We are the immortal, The hybid, the vampire, the lycan, the human angel. Welcome Demons and Angels. Come be with us. MC

Hugos Immortal Treasures Blood Bank (5)

Hugo's Immortal Treasures Blood Bank - Lumen Bank Buy and Sell soul blood lumens Cider, prism of blood tank, achievement, badges. Contact hugo pappentas

Raven Hearts Horde (4)

Raven Hearts: Home of SouLsMatter Art Gallery & Productions. Our gallery has the best Original Vampire art Gothic art Obscure Art in SL. Bloodlines Friendly Family. Haunts/vendors , Ad Board Rentals.Lo

King Red Moon Hell (4)

Greetings Brothers and Friends this is my clothing shops Pay us a visit         THANK YOU

The family of RainNight (4)

The Home of My Beloved family.

MacIntyre s Kingdom 2 (4)

Blood / Lumen for sale ....

Fenicia Verga coffin (4)

Puoi farmi di tutto sino a che te lo permetto. Ma c'è una cosa che non devi fare: non sottovalutarmi, mai...

MoD (4)

The sword in the stone? !

Bogyphobia (3)

Bogyphobia offers a club hangout with games area, a large shopping mall, a photostudio and events hall, a Monster Academy and Monster Hospital, Niles Tavern and Rental Apartments. Please don't bite/scratch unless given permission. Come and explore this st

Weltenville City & Shopping Area (3)

Beautiful clothing in Mesh! Visit the Weltenville shopping area. Find clothing, furniture, rentals, candles and décor and even breedables!

RSC (2)

Welcome to Regius Sanguis clan land. Enjoy our Haunts

FK Pixi Shopping Zone (3)

Fred Pixi & Khushi Enterprise Unisex Tattoo Male Tattoo Female Tattoo Male Clothing Female Clothing Omega Applier Slink Applier Maitreya Applier Catwa Applier Belleza Applier *Hiring blogger*

Somaa Boutique (3)

Low prim items for your home, Carpets, decorator items, Bookcases menu driven that serve note cards and more. Offering great household items for your Linden home and more. Book Cases, Book Case, Carpet, Carpets, Vase, 1 Prim.

Weltenville VAMPIRE AND DARK GAME Vendor AREA (3)

Welcome to the Setites Vendor Area, Bloodlines, Lycan, Vampire, Human and WAR. Bloodlines Fortune Hunt, KROS System, Destiny System Vampire and LYCAN HUDS and the Dark Emdrace Vampire System. Vampire Games,and many Shops.

Clan *STIGMATA* (2)