Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!

Rp Lands

Oniro - Romantic Land of Dreams (0)

A variety of landscapes, ideal for exploring, taking photos & having fun! Some areas change with the seasons, with a different theme & style. Rezzable vehicles, surfing, hang gliding, a gorgeous gondola takes you round the sim.

Land of Dark Sorrow (10)

Bloody Lolly's BDSM Playground (Cemetery & Dungeon)

Tengu (8)

Nature, and Scenic Sim. ABC Horses, and Ponies. KittyCats, and Breedables. Cuddle, and Picture Spots. 7seas Fishing. Laid Back, Relaxed, and Lazy!

Candy (6)

we welcome everyone to visit.

Nevermore Island (5)

Nevermore Island, a place where children of the night can mingle with mortals and other races, and have a good time. Events, Jousts, Archery, RP.. Everything to keep lycans and vampires happy. Looking for an Arch-Mage... Contact Bri McMahon!

Stars Tea Party (5)

Welcome to the Tea-Party Feel like a spot of tea? pop in! Feel free to add this Haunt to your favorites by clicking on the "Star" icon under this haunt

Dream Catchers (4)

We are a proud, hardworking family. We may be small compared to most clans, but we are happy and extremely tight. Take a look around and enjoy the scenery or work on your Legends.

Ex Vita Un Nex (4)

From a Life of Death we are the undead, we are Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids and Humans brought together by bloodlines and second life

Crimson Republic (4)

? Home of Crimson Republic Clan ? We are a Bloodlines family and one of the largest and oldest in the game. Contact us if you want to know more about our family. We welcome Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids and Humans.

Carpathian Fullmoon Clan (4)

We offer you a different Bloodlines experience with no drama and with less numbers games. We live for the social aspect of the game and the role-play. We want everyone to feel welcome here, new players as much as veterans.

CARTHAGE city of vampires ( vampire roleplay community ) (3)

We're Pure blood, the Alpha and Omega. Death started with us, and this is just the begin of the end for all mortals ! From the darkness we strike, fast and lethal, and by the time our foes can react... darkness there and nothing more. We are the slayers

Crimson Court Gesture Shop (3)

My little affiliate shop at the Crimson Court Horde. Contact Timo Fright for residential and commercial availability.


**Seja bem vindo a nosso mundo.**

*** Shadow's Rising Clan *** (3)

*** Shadow's Rising Clan Race Track *** Cars bikes and what not, we race it, hehe

Mistfit Beach side (0)

Nudist Beach with romantic caves waterfalls and much more. Club moves from Mainland every Friday for 24 hours to have Nude Friday Dj sets

Bloodlines Midland (3)

Bloodlines Midland is the original Bloodlines sim, and currently the home of the Mortal Crossroads RP area.


Greedy , Skibbo , Card against Humanity , Hearts game , Russian roulette ..

Ginger Van Sancina (3)

Lycan of the Clan Van Sancina.

Eternal Nomads Horde (3)

We are a clan that are not about numbers, we are a small close knit family that cares about each other.

Wild Angels Orchard (2)

Wild Angels home of Wild Angels Rock Club & Lounge. Come shop, rent, advertise, hangout.

Feral Stables (0)

Brtanston Feral Stables - Specializing in Evil /Gorean Kaiila breeds. Come hang out, enjoy the scenery & have a drink, play Greedy - Go canoeing around the sim - lots to see and do around here, for the outdoorsy type! BLOODLINES haunt - all are welcome!

Torva Ballroom (2)

Welcome to Castle Torva's Ballroom. Feel free to explore or enjoy our couples dancing.

Hearts Desire (2)

We are a strong family who is loyal to each other! We have a full sim oval race track and a Paint ball arena! 7 seas fishing and a Beach to play on! A camp fire to just sit and relax! Please come by and talk to us any time!

Lupi Silvam - Honeymoon (2)

Honeymoon. . . She was like the moon. Part of her was always hidden! Wandering Spirit, Lonely Wolf, sometimes meet each others, In this place. Far away, in the forest's impervious gloom, Where the love is hidden, where the moon shines . . .

Home of Aeterna Familia (0)

Welcome to Home of Aeterna Familia. Find out more about this place, and view an events calendar at

Denga SOBERANA (2)

Depois que tudo aprendi Percebi, Conheci Aquilo que não devia existir...

.: Mortal Crossroads :. The Quest Starts Here (2)

This is the starting area for the Legends questing, hunting, crafting and magic system. New arrivals please enter the tower!

Aeternum Nox (2)

A Family of families built around the framework of Bloodlines. There is, nor has there ever been, anyone like us. See for yourself.

Zwei Schwarze Augen Clan (2)

Bloodlines, Clan, Souls, Achievements, Metrics, Shops, Vendors, Containers, Blood Bank,Cars, blood, Ether Brasil, Romance, Family, friends, dance, ballroom