Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!

Rp Lands


RP Land with Legends crafting stations and Resources available.

DarkStar (11)


The Mystical Dominion (7)

Beautiful D/s land friendly to Bloodlines players -- beach, dungeon, bdsm, castle, OpenCollar, kinky-O!, domination, submission, Master, Mistress, slave, treehouse, Mama Allpa, combat arena, beach, shops, mall, magic, bowling alley,Space store, undersea

Sinners Cove 7 (0)

[No child av.-No Furry-No Anim Av.] Jungle, GM Hunt, Capture, Humilliation, Rape, Dirty, Master, Mistress, Slave, Slaver, BDSM, School, Sex, Naked, Nude Beach, Prison, Sci-Fi, *Mama Allpa*, Muffin Milkers, (Wanted Dominant`s)

Cataclysm 10 (6)


Immortal Nightstalkerz (6)

All are Welcome at Immortal Nightstalkerz We are Bloodlines Friendly.

Jamiesons Gentlemens Club (6)

Sophisticated, lush, opulent, old-world atmosphere for discerning ladies and gents to relax and mix with like-minded individuals, and perhaps stay overnight when the mood strikes. Discreet denizens only.

Torva Ballroom (5)

Welcome to Castle Torva's Ballroom. Feel free to explore or enjoy our couples dancing.

.: Mortal Crossroads :. The Quest Starts Here (5)

This is the starting area for the Legends questing, hunting, crafting and magic system. New arrivals please enter the tower!

Wild Angels Orchard (5)

Wild Angels home of Wild Angels Rock Club & Lounge. Come shop, rent, advertise, hangout.

Tituba*s Lycan Sanctuary 16 (1)

Tituba's Lycan and Lycan Hybrid Sanctuary is a place for Lycans, Hybrids and those who love them to hang out.

CARTHAGE city of vampires ( vampire roleplay community ) (4)

We're Pure blood, the Alpha and Omega. Death started with us, and this is just the begin of the end for all mortals ! From the darkness we strike, fast and lethal, and by the time our foes can react... darkness there and nothing more. We are the slayers

Weltenville City and Stock Yards Breedable ABC Horses. (3)

Offering ABC Horses. Champion Horses, BioBreed Pony, Training. Rental space to keep and sell your Horses, Riding Trails, ABC Horse, Sales. Bid Boards, Jousting, Racing and Auctions, Awesome Breed Creations.. Ponies

The CansWorth Valley (3)

DJ of Children Of The Bloodmoon Horde. This is also where I live. Feel free to come by and visit. Play a few games in the game room or just wander around and enjoy the view. WARNING: Flying Chimpanzees have been spotteed.

*** HELLZ GATE *** Corvi Pavillion (3)

In the heart of Corvi Scorta Pack RP Lands A play for a romantic date or dinner and dancing. Also the epicenter of the packs family gatherings and formal events. Corvi Demon Pack Welcomes You! Come explore.


Home of the Setites Clan and WAR BASES. We are a small Clan with a family feel we look to educate new people to find a clan that is a good fit and to pass on the folks the buy Huds just for the numbers.

Mistfit Beach side (0)

Nudist Beach with romantic caves waterfalls and much more. Club moves from Mainland every Friday for 24 hours to have Nude Friday Dj sets

Clan Van Sancina (3)

come for the Haunts and stay for life

Tengu (3)

Nature, and Scenic Sim. ABC Horses, and Ponies. KittyCats, and Breedables. Cuddle, and Picture Spots. 7seas Fishing. Laid Back, Relaxed, and Lazy!

Thorns of the Roses (3)

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose.” -- Anne Brontë

Stars Tea Party (1)

Welcome to the Tea-Party Feel like a spot of tea? pop in! Feel free to add this Haunt to your favorites by clicking on the "Star" icon under this haunt

Gothic Bloodbonding - Wedding Chapel (3)

Altar for Blood bondritual with poses , Dagger and a cup

Sanguinus Keep Bloodlines Friendly (2)

Come visit Sanguinus Keep we have everything some shops, sky box rentals and Determined Wells for you to click.

Gay Medieval Role-Play Forsaken of Voluspa City (2)

Gay Medieval Role-Play Forsaken of Voluspa City

V--V Nightshades V--V (2)

Nightshades Family Castle, home of Selket Moonwall and her loved and extended family clan. V--V Nightshades V--V

Sinners Secrets (0)

Sinners Secrets, a place to wander around, slap some Haunts and have a lot of fun ^^

Castle Torva (2)

Turning room for all your minion making needs, 12 player greedy, television, couples and singles dances, Bloodline accessories, beautiful courtyard cuddles; all in a bite friendly rp area with 24hr auto return.

Liliths Offspring Clan Hell (2)

Demons are welcome at Lilith's Offspring

The Devils of Darkness (2)

The Devil's Of Darkness Horde is a mainly gay community of bloodlines players