Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!

Rp Lands

Wild Angels Orchard (8)

Wild Angels home of Wild Angels Rock Club & Lounge. Come shop, rent, advertise, hangout.

Torva Ballroom (8)

Welcome to Castle Torva's Ballroom. Feel free to explore or enjoy our couples dancing.

Jamiesons Gentlemens Club (7)

Sophisticated, lush, opulent, old-world atmosphere for discerning ladies and gents to relax and mix with like-minded individuals, and perhaps stay overnight when the mood strikes. Discreet denizens only.

Tengu (6)

Nature, and Scenic Sim. ABC Horses, and Ponies. KittyCats, and Breedables. Cuddle, and Picture Spots. 7seas Fishing. Laid Back, Relaxed, and Lazy!

Crimson Court Gesture Shop (6)

My little affiliate shop at the Crimson Court Horde. Contact Timo Fright for residential and commercial availability.

From scratch to Bite (5)

From Blooddol to Hybrid : Devoted to a loving Mom once, too many clan`s went by, tired of looking for the perfect Mom and Family i will most likely end up in Curse or join a peacefull small Family like i am in now, No more drama yaay!

LIQUID DESIGNS - Shaddolands (3)

The business avatar for Liquid Designs, makers of Bloodlines... goes by Liquid or LD.

*Stigmata KL* (3)

Lair Stigmata

Stars Tea Party (2)

Welcome to the Tea-Party Feel like a spot of tea? pop in! Feel free to add this Haunt to your favorites by clicking on the "Star" icon under this haunt

Shadows Of Darqueness Clan (2)

The moon is our sun. The night is our day. Blood is our Unlife and you are our prey. Don't be afraid of the dark..be afraid of what hunts in the dark. Let us Prey!!

MISTFITS JUNCTION Medieval realm (2)

I am Queen of Mistfits Junction and Mistfits Beach side my alts are Sparkle Udiomo she is my main now

Hearts Desire (2)

We are a strong family who is loyal to each other! We have a full sim oval race track and a Paint ball arena! 7 seas fishing and a Beach to play on! A camp fire to just sit and relax! Please come by and talk to us any time!


Pirate and Boat Rez area, connected to hundreds of LL oceans and seas, 7Seas fishing, beach, windsurfing, Dock Rentals, fine wine. Relax, sail, go yachting with your sailboat, ship or yacht. Meet the mermaids native to these waters

Temple of The SupremeGoddess (2)

RP, Have refreshments, Meet SupremeGoddess, Make a Sacrifice, Study, Hangout and relax, Scavenge

Clan Van Sancina (2)

come for the Haunts and stay for life

Crimson Republic main (2)

? Home of Crimson Republic Clan ? We are a Bloodlines family and one of the largest and oldest in the game. Contact us if you want to know more about our family. We welcome Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids and Humans.

Mistfit Beach side (2)

Nudist Beach with romantic caves waterfalls and much more. Club moves from Mainland every Friday for 24 hours to have Nude Friday Dj sets


Home of the Setites Clan and WAR BASES. We are a small Clan with a family feel we look to educate new people to find a clan that is a good fit and to pass on the folks the buy Huds just for the numbers.

Weltenville City and Stock Yards Breedable ABC Horses. (2)

Offering ABC Horses. Champion Horses, BioBreed Pony, Training. Rental space to keep and sell your Horses, Riding Trails, ABC Horse, Sales. Bid Boards, Jousting, Racing and Auctions, Awesome Breed Creations.. Ponies

Sanguinus Keep Bloodlines Friendly (2)

Come visit Sanguinus Keep we have everything some shops, sky box rentals and Determined Wells for you to click.

CARTHAGE city of vampires ( vampire roleplay community ) (2)

We're Pure blood, the Alpha and Omega. Death started with us, and this is just the begin of the end for all mortals ! From the darkness we strike, fast and lethal, and by the time our foes can react... darkness there and nothing more. We are the slayers

Blood Evolutions Forever Protection Raffle (0)

Welcome to Blood Evolutions Family Lands Raffle Board. Currently on : Forever Protection Raffle- 300L PER ENTRY YOU CAN EITHER HAVE FOREVER PROTECTION OR 5K IN LINDEN.

Immortal Nightstalkerz (1)

All are Welcome at Immortal Nightstalkerz We are Bloodlines Friendly.

The CansWorth Valley (1)

DJ of Children Of The Bloodmoon Horde. This is also where I live. Feel free to come by and visit. Play a few games in the game room or just wander around and enjoy the view. WARNING: Flying Chimpanzees have been spotteed.

Land Of Vampires - CCS Combat Roleplay (1)

The original Land of Vampires,Combat, CCS 8xp,Gothic, Medieval, Lycans, Angels, Demons, Vampires, Cyborgs, Neko, Supernaturals, Humans,adult sim,Blood,Clubs,Trance,roleplay, rental, skybox,DCS friends,fight,, MESSER Co. weapons,KD Weapons,696 Industries

Devious Family Sim (1)

Home of The Family Devious Friends and visitors welcome

The Dark Kiss of Gor 1 (0)

Goren Role Play Jungle Land and habitat of Taluna and Mamba Tribe Soft to Dark RP GE/BTB style

The Ministry Of Darkness Clan (1)

But first, on earth as Vampire sent, Thy corpse shall from its tomb be rent: Then ghastly haunt thy native place, And suck the blood of all thy race; There from thy daughter, sister, wife, At midnight drain the stream of life; Yet loathe the banquet which

*** HELLZ GATE *** Corvi Pavillion (1)

In the heart of Corvi Scorta Pack RP Lands A play for a romantic date or dinner and dancing. Also the epicenter of the packs family gatherings and formal events. Corvi Demon Pack Welcomes You! Come explore.