Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!

Rp Lands

Domini Noctis (40)

Domini Noctis NEW LAND Choose the destination you want! Domini entry-Domini Lux (angels)-DominiTenebris (demon)-Domini Human-Domini Vampires-Domini Lycans-Domini-Square Victory-Domini Shop Texture

Fangs and Fur (21)

A small bar on the outskirts of town, in the part your momma warned you about. Fangs and Fur rests in Chi Tau City, and while the rest of the city is safe, the other side of the river isn't. Chi Tau City, an Adult roleplay sim, is heavy in sexual elements

Angel or Demon -Infinity Gate- (10)

Welcome to Purgatory at Infinity Gate! Whether angel, demon, human, vampire, lycan or hybrid please feel free to explore. Heaven up the stairway and the bowels of hell down the stairs and through the doorway.

Addams Family (7)

The NEW Home Of The Addams Family Horde. Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc (We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us) FAMILY FRIENDLY - KIDS PLAYGROUND - POOL - ART EXHIBITS

RSC_f (7)

Spirits are supposed to haunt the places where their bodies most resorted … —Charles Dickens

Your Ceremony Area - RezZone - BloodShop - Haunts (6)

Welcome to Your new Ceremony Area. With Slaves places, Open barrel, Rez Zone, shop and haunts. You will get Souls and new minion more easily, create your own Ceremony with your clan, friends or couple. You have access at the free Public Castle of Pleasure

The CansWorth Valley (5)

DJ of Children Of The Bloodmoon Horde. This is also where I live. Feel free to come by and visit. Play a few games in the game room or just wander around and enjoy the view. WARNING: Flying Chimpanzees have been spotteed.

NozGoth (5)

Really just my home, but you can come hang out here

*** HELLZ GATE *** Corvi Pavillion (0)

In the heart of Corvi Scorta Pack RP Lands A play for a romantic date or dinner and dancing. Also the epicenter of the packs family gatherings and formal events. Corvi Demon Pack Welcomes You! Come explore.

Weltenville City and Stock Yards Breedable ABC Horses. (4)

Offering ABC Horses. Champion Horses, BioBreed Pony, Training. Rental space to keep and sell your Horses, Riding Trails, ABC Horse, Sales. Bid Boards, Jousting, Racing and Auctions, Awesome Breed Creations.. Ponies

Lost Souls Boothill (4)

The Lost Souls of the Old West reside in this graveyard. Forever to wander until they find their peace.


Home of the Setites Clan and WAR BASES. We are a small Clan with a family feel we look to educate new people to find a clan that is a good fit and to pass on the folks the buy Huds just for the numbers.

Blood Evolutions Forever Protection Raffle (0)

Welcome to Blood Evolutions Family Lands Raffle Board. Currently on : Forever Protection Raffle- 300L PER ENTRY YOU CAN EITHER HAVE FOREVER PROTECTION OR 5K IN LINDEN.

World of Anarchy - Pregnancy Playground and Breed Motel (4)

World of Anarchy is more than just bars or shops, it's a whole city full of places to explore and roleplay. The Pregnancy Playground and Breeding Motel are two of these places. Created for feeding and breeding, it's all about fun~

V E R I T A S Torment & Ascent (4)

I am neither good, nor bad, neither angel nor devil, I am a man, I am a vampire.

Hearts Desire (3)

We are a strong family who is loyal to each other! We have a full sim oval race track and a Paint ball arena! 7 seas fishing and a Beach to play on! A camp fire to just sit and relax! Please come by and talk to us any time!

Rustic Retreat (2)

Feel free to come and visit , ideal for photographers, for those that like to explore or just chill out https://www.flickr.com/groups/3496627@N23/

Home of Aeterna Familia (0)

Welcome to Home of Aeterna Familia. Find out more about this place, and view an events calendar at

T Girls Hangout (2)

Come relax, be yourself and meet others like you! No dress code, all genders welcome! , tos rules no kids! bbc , Anime ,tomboy, rlv gay twinks lesbian femboy shemale ,sissy lgbt furry.slut, Tranny, herm, dickgirls,whore futa,spunklover,Mama Allpa

The Khan (2)

The Khan or Weretiger is the Warrior of Luna and one of honor not matched by any other.

RCoE Wolfpack (2)

The Lycan Cave is where our Royal Council of Eternals Wolf Pack members go to hang out.

Forever Orphan 1 (2)

Princess Ivy Demorte, Daughter of Queen Angel Demorte, members of the Veritas Family.

Gypsy Soul (2)

Home of Gypsy Soul Saloon. Vani-T Shapes and Fashions. Ferrari's KittyCat's sales. Gypsy Soul Horse Ranch. ABC Horses, and Amaretto Bundles. Photo Ops, Outrageous Dancer Animations.

Wild Angels Orchard (2)

Wild Angels home of Wild Angels Rock Club & Lounge. Come shop, rent, advertise, hangout.

*Stigmata KL* (2)

Lair Stigmata

Sinners Secrets (2)

Sinners Secrets, a place to wander around, slap some Haunts and have a lot of fun ^^

CARTHAGE city of vampires ( vampire roleplay community ) (2)

We're Pure blood, the Alpha and Omega. Death started with us, and this is just the begin of the end for all mortals ! From the darkness we strike, fast and lethal, and by the time our foes can react... darkness there and nothing more. We are the slayers

Land of Dark Sorrow (2)

Bloody Lolly's BDSM Playground (Cemetery & Dungeon)

Bloody Roses Magic Hedge Maze (0)

Stories tell of Caresse as a newly turned vampire after a wonderful night of frolicking, would lure her “dates” to the hedge making them give chase, little by little the roses would drain the Kine unsuspecting of Care’s twin awaiting them inside the hedge