Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!


Southern Nights Country Club & Live Venue (59)

A country & rock club to dance & meet up with friends. Come listen to live singers, tribute bands & browse our shops like V-twins, WK Cats (Wild Kajaera), Rentals, Midnight Mania & DJ's all week. Wedding venue & Ballroom. Must be 30 days old.

The House Tantibus Dance Club (14)

Welcome to the House Tantibus Dance Club. ( Dance Club & Castles).Gay & Lesbians, straights, Bisexuals, furries, creatures, and all types are welcome here. We are now streaming are own music, Today's music, Rock & Roll, & a little Country. First. We are i

The House Tantibus Dance Club (0)

Welcome to the House Tantibus Dance Club. ( Dance Club & Castles).Gay & Lesbians, straights, Bisexuals, furries, creatures, and all types are welcome here. We are now streaming are own music, Today's music, Rock & Roll, & a little Country. First. We are i

Darkness of Dawn (12)

From our deep desires and dark dreams we born. Welcome to Darkness of Dawn....were the impossible becomes a reality. Hiring Rock/Metal/Gothic/Industrial DJ's and Hosts. Come join us if you dare.


HELLZ GATE TOP 3 SIM BL 9th Yr Anniversary, Honorable Mention pub crawl, Corvi Scorta Pack, TRACK, Dark Horse Motorcycles, Dark Horse Arts, Dark Horse Tattoo, Goddess' Breedables, Demon Dollz MC and Crazy Bitch Cycles, Friendly & Respectful. All welcome!

Pickups Games and Voice Hangout (9)

Play games.Voice Chat Club Hangout,Talk,chill, games hangout, Hand and Foot, Greedy,Blitz 31, On-A-Roll, Skippo, Can't Stop, Shalosh, Simopolis, Pentadee, Naughty Adult Speed Bump, Ludo, Skipee, Spades, Parcheesi, Bloodlines friendly

PureVibe (5)

PureVibe Cyber Punk Club An adult, cyberpunk cityscape with 2 club levels and an XXX-playroom! All sexualities & gender expressions welcome. A place based around the PureVibe of the great tunege that unites us all. Come for the Vibes and stay for th

Domination Playground Club and Mall (5)

Welcome to Domination Playground Club, a place where Doms/Dommes and Subs can interact, located in the lands of the Mystical Dominion. Links to an ice skating rink, an extensive shopping mall, bowls alley, D/s library, D/s lounge, and many other sites.


Come to Get Rich Gaming to Play No Devil with WinX and Skill Wheels. Lindens play skill hip hop urban social hangout chat greedy fun. Come and meet new friends while making Lindens!

Cure Maid Cafe (5)

kyua meido kafe. Welcome to our humble cafe, where we will cater to you and whisk away all your stress and troubles! Our lovely maids and dashing butlers will wait on you with heartwarming service, always with a smile. Itadakimasu~

Blood Evolution (4)

Never Underestimate Me.... Owner of Sinful Creations Weddings & Events..contact me for information. 12+ years experience.

The Nocturne Masquerade (4)

Danafor homes specialises in creating unique and individual homes and skyboxes. Find a place that best suits your lifestyle or approach me if you have something else in mind. I also specialise in building different scenes to fulfill your most wanted fanta

Venture Toreador Horde (4)

New home of bloodlines members & new club/pub Dark Hollow Club. Bloodlines friendly and serving bloodlines blood/cider/moonshine. ALL are welcome. Members of Ventrue Toreador Horde.

Daemons Vampire Club for the best naughty but nice dancing. (3)

All vampires, lycans, familiars, demons and Humans of all sorts Join us for the best naughty but nice dancing . Meet our beautiful dancers, shake it with our great DJ's and meet fun loving people. Serving Bloodlines Blood shots & Moonshine Shots.

Ragnarok Empire of the Night (3)

Home of the Notorious Viking Vampires, The Ragnarok Family. Feel free to visit and enjoy our various events and take pictures of our breathtaking sim! https://www.flickr.com/groups/4175066@N23/ vampire, gothic, edm, trance, industrial, bdsm, shops, club

Tamerlane Meadhall (3)

Events, Medieval Sports, and more!


SAPPHIRE BEACH CLUB one of the best places in SL for Live Events. Club: Weekly Live Events, Dj's, Themed Events, different Venues Beach: Cuddle Area, Games, Yoga Area Bloodlines: Vendors Homepage: https://www.sapphirebeachclub-sl.com

Lover Bizet (3)

Il male è un punto di vista. Dio uccide indiscriminatamente, e così faremo noi; perché nessuna creatura di Dio è come noi; nessuno è simile a lui, quanto noi

Darkstars Speakeasy:: Voice Lounge & Hangout:: (3)

Darkstar's Speakeasy Monday = Metal/Rock Tuesday & Thursday = OPEN MIC Wednesday = EBM & Electro Swing Friday = Underground Music Saturday = 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s & Not Today! Sunday = 1950s and Below

Wild Angels Rock Club & Lounge (2)

Wild~Angels ~*~ Bloodlines friendly club that is here to offer you a fun, relaxed bloodline friendly club environment. Win--> lucky chairs, trivia, Random Give-a-way Advertise--> Low cost ad space for your store, club, whatever. Fun--> W

*** Club Shadow*** (2)

We are a clan that are not about numbers, we are a small close knit family that cares about each other.

Van Sancina Family 5311 (2)

Family, Honor & Trust. We are the Clan Van Sancina, we are small but a special group of people that care for one another and will protect and stand firm against the world

SOTNH and Blue Steele Club (1)

Blue Steele Club and Game Room, home of Shadows of the Night Horde. Old stone village set in a lovely forest setting. Come on in and kick back with us! We have a full legends crafting room, just follow the TP pad at the landing point! We look forward to s

Hijos de la Oscuridad (2)

Bienvenidos al Club gótico de Hijos de la Oscuridad Tu libertad termina donde empieza la de los demás, respeta y serás respetado No dramas, acoso o ataque a nadie aqui Venimos a divertirnos y pasarlo bien, para otras actividades hay otros sitios

The Fallen Ones (2)


Blu Ice (2)

blu ice hiring sex pole dance strip escort pole dancers strippers club party jobs dj wanted needed money vampires lycan wolf hybrids cash tips live music 24/7 public 11 haunts pussy ass ballers gold digger money maker adult freelance lesbian femme domme

* PCHITT STORES * - * Bloodlines - Blood bank - Vials * (2)

Bloodlines, Blood bank , Refill - Blood & Ichor 25l$ / 1 - Lumen & Ether 25 L$ / 10 - Cask, Tanks, Urn, Prism, Vessel for sales - Vials - 120 L$ - Elementum - 8 L$

Savage Angels (1)

Savage Angels is our clan club we host themed event nights from country to goth to gangsters, in fact anything we can think of that would be fun, suggestions always welcome.

Queen HelGarnet (1)

Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves And Immortality. - Emily Dickinson (extract, The Chariot)

Club Escapist @ Beach Bunny Shores (1)

Weither you be a vampire, a werewolf, a human, or everything in between, Club Escapist welcomes them all to come party with us. NEW LOCATION!!! Club Escapist has moved to a new location and has expanded some of our attractions. Come chill in our tiki area