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The Ether Bar is a fun addition to any location in Second Life where Bloodlines players gather. Sell drinks through your Ether Fridge Affiliate Vendors. Advertise your bar with the included signs and posters! For every bottle that gets sold, you'll keep a commission (at the time of release, commission is 11%, but this is subject to change).

Permissions: No copy, No mod, No transfer. Bottles are transfer once registered.

Anyone can set up a bar!


  • [1] Ether Fridge
  • [1] Ether Tap
  • [1] Neon sign
  • [2] Ether Bar posters


To set up your Ether fridge, just rez it on your land. You will get a permissions request asking you to grant the fridge permission to take lindens from you. This is so that you can sell products from it. The lindens will first be transferred to you, then our share of the sale is transferred to us, and you keep your share, which is your commission on the sale.


  1. Update: this options updates your vendor and makes sure it has the most current prices, products, and textures. Your vendor may be automatically updated by us, but you can also update your vendor manually by pressing this button.
  2. Info Card: get a delivery of the info card that other avatars get when they click on your vendor.
  3. Go Offline / Go Online: turn your vendor on or off. You'll want to keep it on so that you can sell drinks!