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The Market Barrel is an item that you can use to sell any resource that you can find with the Legends HUD. The Market Barrel only has one pocket, meaning it can only hold one type of resource at a time, but it can hold 100 of any one type of resource. The Market Barrel is no transfer / no copy. Make sure to keep track of it!


Keep in mind that you must be wearing your Bloodlines Legends HUD in order to operate your Market Barrel. To operate your Barrel, start by rezzing it by dragging it out of your inventory onto the ground in a place where you have rez rights. Then touch it (left-click) on it to open the menu. The menu gives the following options:

  • Add: Add the contents of your Legends HUD hand to the barrel.
  • Set Price: Set the price per 1 resource in Lindens.
  • Horz Sign / Vert Sign: Toggle the sign position, so you can have your barrel upright or on its side.
  • Set On / Set Off: Turn sales on or off.
  • IM on Sale: Toggle whether you would like to receive an IM from your barrel when you make a sale.
  • Text Off / Text On: Toggle the hover text on or off.

Selling Resources With Your Market Barrel

There are three things you must do before your Market Barrel is ready to sell Resources:

  1. Add some resources
  2. Set your price
  3. Set sales on

Add some resources:

  1. First, make sure you are wearing your Legends HUD. If your HUD appears as the closed book, touch it to open it. You should see it change to an open book with several buttons. Touch the backpack button to expand your backpack. Your backpack displays 16 items at a time. Above that, you will find your "hand". Your hand indicates the things that you are currently holding in your hand because you intend to use them.
  2. To move a resource to your hand, touch the resource in your backpack. It should become highlighted with a green border. Then, touch an empty slot in your hand. The resource should move from your backpack into your hand. To take something out of your hand, touch it to select it, and then touch it again to put it back in your backpack, or touch a different pocket in your backpack to move it to.
  3. Once you have some resources in your hand, you can add them to your Market Barrel. Touch your Market Barrel to open the menu, and select 'Add'. The resources that were in your hand in your backpack on your HUD should move into the Market Barrel.

Set your price

To set your price, touch your Market Barrel to bring up the menu, and select 'Set Price'. You will get a text box where you can type in the linden cost per resource you would like to sell for. We do not collect any commissions on Market Barrel sales, you can sell resources for whatever price you like and keep the entire amount.

Set sales on

To set sales on, touch your market barrel and select 'set on' from the menu. You will get a permissions dialog asking you for permission to take lindens from your account. This is so the Market Barrel has permission to refund people who pay the Market Barrel, but an error takes place and it isn't able to deliver the resources. When the Market Barrel is on for sales, you will not be able to take resources out of it. To take resources out, just turn off sales first by selecting 'Set Sales Off' from the menu.

Taking Resources Out

To take items out of the Market Barrel, first make sure you are wearing your Legends HUD, and that your Market Barrel is set to off, and that you have room in your backpack to hold the items you want to take. Then, touch the Market Barrel and select 'Take', then enter the amount you want to take in the textbox.

Buying From a Market Barrel

To buy from a Market Barrel, your customers must be wearing their Legends HUD. If they aren't wearing their HUD, buying from the barrel won't work. Once they are wearing their HUD, they can start the purchase process by touching the barrel. It will set them as the current customer, and then they can right-click and pay the barrel. The amount they pay will determine the amount of resources they get. They will be given several options in the pay dialog to buy different amounts of resources.