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The Soul Reaper

The Soul Reaper is an avatar attachment that will allow you to transfer collected souls from other Bloodlines players to yourself. You don't need the Soul Reaper to give souls you've collected, but you do need it to collect them. To use your Soul Reaper, first wear it from your inventory. It should attach to your Left Forearm. To activate the menu, you can either touch it, or chat "menu" on channel 9, like this: /9 menu.


  • 1 Soul Reaper (copyable, moddable)
  • 1 Set Instructions
  • 1 LM to Bloodlines Store


To use the Soul Reaper, just right-click it in your inventory and select 'wear'. By default, it will attach to your Left Forearm. You can initiate commands in one of two ways: if you touch the Soul Reaper, you'll get a menu of options. Or, you can chat commands on channel 9 to control the Reaper. The commands are:

  • /9 Reap :: initiate soul reap
  • /9 Mode :: bring up mode menu
  • /9 Bloodlines :: set to bloodlines mode
  • /9 Free :: set to free mode
  • /9 Extension :: extend/retract spikes

The main menu options are:

  • Channel
    This brings up a menu with buttons labeled 1-9, to set the chat channel.
  • Reap
    Commence a reap. There are several steps in reaping a soul:
    1. Select the person who you want to reap a soul from.
    2. Select either 'Any', 'Specific', or 'Multi'.
      • Any: selects one soul owned by your target.
      • Specific: allows you to chat the name of a specific name that you want to reap. Follow the instructions on the menus to do this.
      • Multi: allows you to reap more than one soul at a time, follow the instructions on the menu. There is a limit to the number of souls you can reap at one time, and the total number of souls you can reap in batches per day. There is no limit to the number of souls you can reap one at a time.
    3. Your target must agree to the reap request, and then accept an animation permission request. Both must be agreed to in order for the soul reap to work.
  • Mode
    Set the Soul Reaper to either Free or Bloodlines Mode. In Free Mode, the particles and animations play, but no souls are transferred, this can be used for RP purposes. In Bloodlines Mode, souls are transferred.
  • Extension
    Manually extend / retract the spikes.
  • Texture
    Change the texture.
  • Size
    Change the size.

Soul Reaper Customization

You have the option of using a third-party Soul Reaper build, and loading it with the scripts that come in the official Soul Reaper. The Soul Reaper 2.0 includes updates to make building your own Soul Reaper for sale easier to customize. As always, you should be very careful using any third-party or nonofficial item.

Custom Extensions
The official Soul Reaper has two spikes that extend when it is used, or that can be extended manually by pressing the menu "Extension" button. You can add spikes on your own custom soul reaper. All you have to do is name the linked spike prims as "extended" and the linked retracted prims as "retracted". Keep in mind, that these linked prims will always be somewhat transparent, so please keep this in mind in your designs.

When the Soul Reaper is 'extended', any prims named 'extended' will be set to the color grey at 50% alpha, and a glow of 0.3, and any prims named 'retracted' will become invisible. When the Soul Reaper is 'retracted', this state is reversed.

Custom Particles
If you want to make your own particle script for your custom Soul Reaper, you can. You just need to write a script that listens for the link message "particles", and make your custom particles activate in response to this message.