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The Valerian Potion

The Valerian Potion is an herbal tonic that can purify your blood and lumens by removing the attacks of a selected person from your history. Valerian has the magical properties of turning negative things into positive things. If you have a negative ghost flowing through your veins, Valerian will help you to release it. The effects of the potion can be reversed by drinking it a second time.


  • 1 Valerian Potion
  • 1 Set Instructions
  • 1 LM to Bloodlines Store


To use the potion, right click on it in your inventory and select 'wear'. Then, click on the potion to activate the menu. The menu options are:

  1. Drink: Drink the potion. You will need to chat the name of the person who you want to remove from your history. You will see a chat message that tells you the channel to use, and a dialog will also give you the channel. For example, if you want to remove Lyle Maeterlinck, and the channel is 100, you would type "/100 Lyle Maeterlinck" in local chat. After selecting Drink, you are given two options:
    1. Forget: remove a name from your attack lists
    2. Unforget: un-remove a previously removed name from your attack lists
  2. Taste: Uncork the potion and have a taste. This does not use the potion, it just plays the animation, this can be used for role play purposes!
  3. Uncork: remove the cork to see the magic of the potion come to life!
  4. Cork: replace the cork to keep your potion fresh.


  1. The person who you remove will be sent a notification that you removed them, because you will also be removed from their list. This is so they understand why you are missing from their bite list.
  2. The potion will not affect anything other than your bite list as displayed on slbloodlines.com. If you drink this potion and select a given name, this name will not appear on your attack list, and you will also be removed from their attack lists. This affects all Bloodlines websites, including lycan.slbloodlines.com, and human.slbloodlines.com.
  3. If you want to reverse this and add their name back onto your bite lists, you will need to obtain a new potion and drink it again.