Legends [ Level 20 ]

419/516 XP

Completed: 781

Wealth: 90549

Total Claim: 32

Skills gained:19

Progress: 133/246

Progress: 114/128

Legends War (99 / 99)

Feather Collector
Use the Magic Map to Find Pigeon Feathers
Steampunk Mechanic
Use Magic Map to Find Brass Bolts
Crossroad Wand
Recharge Wands at the Mortal Crossroads Wizard Tower
Use Magic Compass
Use Magic Compass To Mark Quest
Find Things with Magic Map
Find Things With Magic Map
Late Fees
Complete "Late Fees" Quest
Rex's Regret
Complete "Rex's Regret" Quest
Magical Evidence
Complete "Magical Evidence" Quest
Fog of the Foul Fungus
Complete "Fog of the Foul Fungus" Quest
Wish of the Well
Complete "Wish of the Well" Quest
Wards of Weston
Complete "Wards of Weston" Quest
Denzyl's Dream
Complete "Denzyl's Dream" Quest
Webs We Weave
Complete "The Webs We Weave" Quest
Ember Crafter
Craft Ichor Embers
Crystal Crafter
Craft Crystal Stamina Packs
Shard Crafter
Craft Shard Stamina Packs
Flask Crafter
Craft Flask Stamina Packs
Pod Crafter
Craft Pod Stamina Packs
Pod Energized
Consume Pod Metric Packs
Flask Energized
Consume Flask Metric Packs
Shard Energized
Consume Shard Metric Packs
Crystal Energized
Consume Crystal Metric Packs
Ember Energized
Consume Ember Metric Packs
Standard Bearer
Plant 1-Point Claim Flags
Mad Biologist
Use Magic Map to Find Slime Molds
Secrets of the Spiral
Use Magic Map to Find Garden Snail Shells
Candy Shoppe Owner
Use Magic Map to Find Candy Corn
Expert Gambler
Use Magic Map to Find Wooden Die
Choir Leader
Use Magic Map to Find Tin Bells
Stained Glass Artist
Use Magic Map to Find Pink Glass Shards
Archaic Librarian
Use Magic Map to Find Burned Books
Woodland Undertaker
Use Magic Map to Find Elven Tombstones
Discover Undiscovered Regions Using Claim Flags
Cork Jockey
Complete Cork Jockey Job Quest 10 Times
Cork Jack
Complete Cork Jack Job Quest 10 Times
Flyer Flier
Complete Flyer Flier Job Quest 10 Times
Flyer Buyer
Complete Flyer Buyer Job Quest 10 Times
Traces of the Tarot
Complete "Traces of the Tarot" Quest
Shards of a Ghostly Heart
Complete the "Shards of a Ghostly Heart" Quest
Sincerely Cerberak
Complete "Sincerely Cerberak" Quest
Badlands Wand
Recharge Wands at the Badlands Wizard Tower
Tomatorgon's Tall Tale
Complete "Tomatorgon's Tall Tale" Quest
Serving the Swamp
Complete the Quest "Serving the Swamp"
The Undertaker's Undertaking
Complete the Quest "The Undertaker's Undertaking"
Sweet Teeth
Complete the "Sweet Teeth" Quest
Woodlands Wand
Recharge Wands at the Lycan Woodlands Wizard Tower
Ultra Alpha Sequence
Complete Quest 'The Ultra Alpha Sequence'
A Stray and A Shade
Complete Quest 'A Stray and a Shade'
Uruk Ushtar
Complete Quest 'Uruk Ushtar'
Murky Machinations
Complete the Quest 'Murky Machinations'
Spooked Sweethearts
Complete the Quest 'Spooked Sweethearts'
Scent O'Mental
Complete the quest 'Scent O'Mental'
The Secret Society
Complete the quest 'The Secret Society'
Roast Beast Stew Chef
Craft 10 bowls of Roast Beast Stew
Ograire Sandwich Chef
Craft 10 Ham and Ograire Sandwiches
Kera's Soup Chef
Craft 10 of Kera's Soup
Brick Salmon Chef
Craft 10 servings of Brick Salmon Steak
Sasquatch Chef
Craft 10 Sasquatch Steak Meals
A Bountiful Harvest
Complete the Quest "A Bountiful Harvest"
Quirky Cuisine
Complete the Quest "Quirky Cuisine"
Secret Admirers
Complete the Quest "Secret Admirers"
The Cipher Achievement
Craft the Cipher Scroll
A Taste of Home
Complete Quest "A Taste of Home"
Mysterious Meals
Complete Quest "Mysterious Meals"
Havens Wand
Recharge Wands at the Havens Wizard Tower
Seekers of Skyvale
Complete the quest "Seekers of Skyvale"
Runes of a Rogue
Complete the Quest "Runes of a Rogue"
Righting The Recipe
Complete the Quest "Righting The Recipe"
Telescopic Troubles
Complete the Quest "Telescopic Troubles"
Mistaken for Murder
Complete the Quest "Mistaken for Murder"
A Disappearing Trick
Complete the Quest "A Disappearing Trick"
Needs of Nightville
Complete the Quest "Needs of Nightville"
A Very Good Boy
Complete the Quest "A Very Good Boy"
Islands Wand
Recharge Wands at the Vampire Islands Wizard Tower
Benighted of Bridgetown
Complete the Quest "Benighted of Bridgetown"
Rum Runner
Complete the Quest "Rum Runner"
The Elusive Amulet
Completed the Quest "The Elusive Amulet"
The Aspirational Amulet
Complete the Quest "Aspirational Amulet"
The Amulet of Absolution
Complete the Quest "The Amulet of Absolution"
Protecting the Pack
Complete the Quest "Protecting the Pack"
The Moonlit Amulet
Complete the quest 'The Moonlit Amulet'
The Vital Amulet
Complete the quest 'The Vital Amulet'
Pioneer Problems
Complete the quest 'Pioneer Problems'
The Surprise Party
Complete the quest 'The Surprise Party'
Dead Man's Diary
Complete the Quest "Dead Man's Diary"
Magical Booksmith
Craft 10 Magical Books #1
Craft 10 Ink and Pen Sets
Wall Scribe
Craft Wall Scrolls
Gift Wrapper
Craft Gift Boxes 1
Runar's Rumblings
Runar's Rumblines
Tool Troubles
Tool Troubles
Swirling Supplies
Swirling Supplies
Swords to Order
Craft Swords
Swordsmith: Centurion
Craft 10 of the Centurion Shortswords.
Swordsmith: Impaler
Craft 10 of The Impaler.
Swordsmith: Whisper
Craft 10 of the Sienna's Wicked Whisper sword.
Swordsmith: Burning Blade
Craft 10 of Vorek's Burning Blade.
Swordsmith: Adjudicator
Craft 10 of The Adjudicator swords.
Merry Mead Making
Merry Mead Making
Potions shown are currently owned, unused potions.

Achievements (1/79)

Each day, touch any one of the Determined Wells in the center of each of the 5 main Bloodlines stores.




Soul War

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