Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!

Rp Lands

Under the Stars Nympha Festival (0)

4-6 pm DJ Dx--Host Crimson 300L Best in Green 6-8 pm Dj Elmo--Host Outlaw

Mingan Native American Reservation (0)

Mingan Native American Reservation. We Try our best to show love and respect to all our Naitve Brothers & Sister out there. So come and enjoy the peaceful Reservation and relax. Powwow Dancing,Mediation, Prayer, Horses, Native Music, We just added 7 Sea's

Nocturnus Sanctorum-The Bright Side (0)

An Interactive Garden to relax, cuddle, or play ;) Open to everyone. Walk hand in hand with ur lover, cuddle in the waterfall, meditate in Buddha's lap, or lay on the lily pad. IM Squirleelpn with questions or ideas for improvement :)

Inish Loughlin - Beyond Eternity land (0)

Welcome to Beyond Eternity. Feel free to explore, and if interested in learning more about us, please contact Otto Riddler.

MISTFITS JUNCTION Medieval realm (0)

I am Queen of Mistfits Junction and Mistfits Beach side my alts are Sparkle Udiomo she is my main now

Little Cheri (0)

The Gods tried to separate the two sisters but this way the gods unleash the rage of the immortals sisters. The bigger one became a light guide of all immortals, shows them the right path and guides them. the little one became the guardian of her sister a

FerrariThorn (0)

Thorn Trifecta

Oniro - Romantic Land of Dreams (0)

A variety of landscapes, ideal for exploring, taking photos & having fun! Some areas change with the seasons, with a different theme & style. Rezzable vehicles, surfing, hang gliding, a gorgeous gondola takes you round the sim.


This haunt in is honor of my beloved mother, Jean.

Thorns of the Roses (0)

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose.” -- Anne Brontë

Home of Aeterna Familia (0)

Welcome to Home of Aeterna Familia. Find out more about this place, and view an events calendar at


Supremacia Brasil

Legacy Eternal (0)

Visit the Family of Legacy Eternal.

Phoenix protectors home (0)

this is our homerespect and love it as your own have fun don't bite harras don't hunt at all this is our rp home respect it and enjoy our shops as well

Castle Torva (0)

Turning room for all your minion making needs, 12 player greedy, television, couples and singles dances, Bloodline accessories, beautiful courtyard cuddles; all in a bite friendly rp area with 24hr auto return.

Inish Loughlin - Beyond Eternity land (0)

Welcome to Beyond Eternity. Feel free to explore, and if interested in learning more about us, please contact Otto Riddler.

The Moons Disciple Horde - The Graveyard (0)

The Moon Disciples Horde...A close knit family of souls, ready to embrace the dark, as their solace. 'Hostem Umbra Dies Lunae' - Under the shadow of the moon, our enemy meets their doom

Liliths Offspring Clan Hell (0)

Demons are welcome at Lilith's Offspring

Ex Vita Un Nex (0)

Bloodlines Friendly land curtsy of Ex Vita Un Nex. Everyone welcome! Haunts, Vendors, hang out. Have fun and enjoy!

Athanatoi Tartaros - The entrance to Hell (0)

Beware of the maze. Follow the fire and pass Zerberos to discover the Athanatoi underworld. Do not accept to consume anything or you will get addicted and Hades will let you go no more.

Dark Electric Shock Horde Homeland (0)

We are crazy, misfits, rebels and trouble makers! Dark humor and Electric personalities make us the Dark Electric Shock Horde. Our bond is deeper than the blood that flows from the veins of our victims. We are a close family of bloodlines players


Here lies the body of Jonathan Bunn. He was killed by a gun. His name was not Bunn but Wood, But would would not rhyme with gun and Bunn would.

Shadow Souls Zara 2 (0)

Shadow Souls of Eden : A Vampire Family open for all genders so welcome all , Vampire , Lycan , Human , Mistress , Submissive , Switch , Female , Male , Sissy , Shemale , Femboy , Transgener , Neko .

Land Of Vampires - CCS Combat Roleplay (0)

The original Land of Vampires,Combat, CCS 8xp,Gothic, Medieval, Lycans, Angels, Demons, Vampires, Cyborgs, Neko, Supernaturals, Humans,adult sim,Blood,Clubs,Trance,roleplay, rental, skybox,DCS friends,fight,, MESSER Co. weapons,KD Weapons,696 Industries

Shadows Rising (0)

Shadows Rising is our Ally and they are a very nice clan. We are proud to be allied with them.

Lupis Family (0)

A Place to chill meet and greet other Bloodlines players.

shadows rising clan (0)

the shadows rising clan our first ally they belived in us when no one else did this this haunt is located on the dock by the photo studio so every one can see it

Liliths Progeny (0)

Welcome to our clan home! Someone will be along eventually, no one can stay away for long! Explore our beautiful land, you never know what you might find!

Meep Meep for MOD (0)

Home to MOD

*** HELLZ GATE *** Corvi Pavillion (0)

In the heart of Corvi Scorta Pack RP Lands A play for a romantic date or dinner and dancing. Also the epicenter of the packs family gatherings and formal events. Corvi Demon Pack Welcomes You! Come explore.