Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!

Rp Lands

Angelstar Manor (0)

Lands of the Unseelie Court, Home to Villa Obscurum and Leguine de Strigoi where you never know, what you may find roaming about amongst the hollows.

Meep Meep for MOD (0)

Home to Ministry of Darkness

achivements 2 (0)

club of fun and diffrent range of music styles

*Stigmata KL* (0)

Lair Stigmata

Belly of the Beast @ Molten Core (0)

Once EVUN, now CATA, celebrated the arrival of the demon race! You might find yourself inside the belly of a nasty beast! Safe travels trespasser!

Turning Room RP Vendors (0)

Bloodline vendors and HANGOUT Turning Room. Welcome all avatars for RP and Vendor use in low lag area. RP rooms and other sim spots Use the Haunt .. click same owner to go to Castle and Demon Mayan Arena.

Isle of Anu Romance Mer Area (0)

An underwater delight for your senses. Ad boards and coming soon, information and free items for new mers.

Lost Souls Boothill (0)

The Lost Souls of the Old West reside in this graveyard. Forever to wander until they find their peace.

BlackReign Rising Horde (0)

Greetings!! Welcome all Immortals and Property thereof. This is a Great safe haven relax and take a tour.

Bloody Roses Magic Hedge Maze (0)

Stories tell of Caresse as a newly turned vampire after a wonderful night of frolicking, would lure her “dates” to the hedge making them give chase, little by little the roses would drain the Kine unsuspecting of Care’s twin awaiting them inside the hedge

Dath Badlands Blood Bank and Legends (0)

Discover a new land where dragons and people co-exist..... Visit Blood bank, Explore haunts, dig up resources, buy loot and find your own LEGENDS or fantasy story! This is a public RP realm for all players and visitors.

Liliths Progeny (0)

Welcome to our clan home! Someone will be along eventually, no one can stay away for long! Explore our beautiful land, you never know what you might find!

Virtuous Ales (0)

Ale house and inn for humans but all species are warmly welcomed to take a drink or two

*** HELLZ GATE *** Corvi Pavillion (0)

In the heart of Corvi Scorta Pack RP Lands A play for a romantic date or dinner and dancing. Also the epicenter of the packs family gatherings and formal events. Corvi Demon Pack Welcomes You! Come explore.

Black Reign Rising Lycan Liar (0)

I am Lady solarayne. I am Instructor of the Black Reign Rising. There are many places here to enjoy. This is my Classroom, where if you Join our clan you will receive your education in the ways of the BRR rules and regulations. Please explore and or conta

Crimson Republic main (0)

? Home of Crimson Republic Clan ? We are a Bloodlines family and one of the largest and oldest in the game. Contact us if you want to know more about our family. We welcome Vampires, Lycans, Hybrids and Humans.

AngelOfEclipse (0)

Eclipse Rising Angels

Alpha Moon (0)

Alpha Moon Pack

ASG Haunts (0)

Angels of Savage Gardens, a clan founded in love and friendship. We cherish the ones that come to us, we care, love and support each other in every way we can.

Vires Vivae (0)

On this land you will find a welcoming environment for all types. This is a place for people to come hang out and have fun. We have a free section for our newer members to help them get equipped and so much more!

Moonstar City, Playground of Moonstar Rising Horde & friends. (0)

Adult playground of Moonstar Rising Horde. Caution: Erotic situations & nudity may (hopefully) be found. Primarily lesbian in nature. Age verified and consenting adults only! Erotic fantasies & pleasures, or just goofy fun. We do it all!

Yume Decor, Japanese Furnishings (0)

Yume Furnishings sponsor this area which provides a base for the Bloodlines War Game. Contact Juliette Landfall for more info on the store or the game!

Aeternum Nox (0)

A Family of families built around the framework of Bloodlines. There is, nor has there ever been, anyone like us. See for yourself.

TexRMoon Go Karts (0)

A Mario kart inspired place to race go karts with a battle system Open to all!

Clan Van Sancina (0)

come for the Haunts and stay for life

Nocturnus Sanctorum-The Bright Side (0)

An Interactive Garden to relax, cuddle, or play ;) Open to everyone. Walk hand in hand with ur lover, cuddle in the waterfall, meditate in Buddha's lap, or lay on the lily pad. IM Squirleelpn with questions or ideas for improvement :)

TeslaThorn (0)

Thorn Trifecta

The Phelans Horde (0)

The Phelan Family have become what a true family should be. We are a strong everlasting family that are a close,fun loving, group of great people.We are proud of who we are.

Lela home (0)

you can Always found me here your free drop in anytime your welcome to use me home just be respectful