Haunts are Bloodlines-friendly locations in Second Life. They can be bars, clubs, roleplay areas, or just places to hang out and meet other Bloodlines players. Click any of the haunts below to view more information about it!

Rp Lands

Starfish Bloodlines Tiki Shop (0)

Scannables here daily Bloodlines Vendors Satchels Achievements & More

Ab Antiquo Legends Angels (0)

Of Ancient Times the Legendary Inhabitants of the NetherWorlds. The creatures that the things that creep in the dark are afraid of. even Lucifer was an Angel

Mingan Native American Reservation (0)

Mingan Native American Reservation. We Try our best to show love and respect to all our Naitve Brothers & Sister out there. So come and enjoy the peaceful Reservation and relax. Powwow Dancing,Mediation, Prayer, Horses, Native Music, We just added 7 Sea's

Zazriel Flights (0)

A small group of gay guys making their way through bloodlines , access to land by group invitation only

..:: Vladislaus Arriaga ::.. (0)

** Renazcamos cada noche hermano vampiro, durante la primera noche, la sed de sangre fue insaciable, hoy despues de milenios, nos aprovechamos de la fuerza vital del humano, y luchamos contra nuestros enemigos de manera feroz e insaciable.. **

ASG Laboratory (0)

Angels of Savage Garden, a clan founded in love and friendship. We cherish the ones that come to us, we care, love and support each other in every way we can.

The Underworld Elite Horde (0)

Angel Castle Ruin


Elder of ASG Priamos Plutonian and Queen of Eternal Solstice Texture collector...got one u want to swap or sell or bunchs? contact me!

Sweet Life Erotic Dining (0)

Sweet Life Erotic Dining invites you to come have the dining experience of a lifetime. An adult restaurant that not only caters to humans but to immortals as well we have immortals on the menu. Our sexy staff is ready to feed and entertain you!

Crimson Court 23239 (0)

The Netters

Tituba*s Lycan Sanctuary 16 (0)

Tituba's Lycan and Lycan Hybrid Sanctuary is a place for Lycans, Hybrids and those who love them to hang out.

Jane, Jae Serrao (0)

I will forever miss you! I wish I had returned sooner to see you at least one last time. For that I am so sorry, you will forever be remembered. I love you Jae.

Lupis Family (0)

A Place to chill meet and greet other Bloodlines players.

Through The Looking Glass (0)

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K.D.S. Kinky Play Beach (0)

K.D.S. Kinky Play Beach is a Bloodlines friendly place to Dance and enjoy music, relax, exchange Bites/Claws and congregate. There are many "Adult" play items and a Kinky Sail Boat. So bring that special someone and have some fun!

Bleeding Muse - Altar Cave (0)

The Bleeding Muse Altar Cave provides a clan-neutral altar, for role play that may need such a place. Decorated with Bloodlines textures. Feel free to visit and use it at your convenience.

Pass n Gas (0)

gas station with 10 minute rez for your vehicle. Food,drink metrics machines the perfect place to start your mainland drive, close to route 10.

The Devils of Darkness (0)

The Devil's Of Darkness Horde is a mainly gay community of bloodlines players

The Faerie Ruins (0)

Guarded by faerie dragons, the Faerie Ruins...is whats left of some of the original FaNg mansion. Instead of rebuilding on site the ruins were left as a reminder that even within the Masquerade, not all is forever. The ruins also server as the twins ritua

Divergent #7777 (0)

Divergent Yard Scans (When rezzed) Haunts - a few Vial vendors - Paintcan textures, Tank sales, but of this bit of that

Dream Catchers (0)

We are a proud, hardworking family. We may be small compared to most clans, but we are happy and extremely tight. Take a look around and enjoy the scenery or work on your Legends.

Souls Forsaken (0)

Souls Forsaken

Silver Dawn Hoard&Family (0)

We are a family oriented clan and welcome anyone who needs a home. We are everyone friendly! This includes LGBTQ, Furry, and Child Friendly! If you would like to know more, please message us so we can bring you by for a visit!

Crimson Republic main (0)

? Home of Crimson Republic Clan ? We are a Bloodlines family and one of the largest and oldest in the game. Contact us if you want to know more about our family. We welcome Vampires, Lycans, Angels, Demons, Hybrids and Humans.


Biker Parties Motorcycle Track workout, spar with a friend, or Get Fit at our Gym! Weight Lifting, Boxing and Arm Wrestling. Also Forming Women's Team Boxing Nights, Wet T-shirts, Mud Wrestling, Bikler, MC, Vampire, Lycan and RP. Bloodlines

Tituba*s Lycan Sanctuary 05 (0)

Tituba's Lycan Sanctuary is a place to hang out for Lycans, Lycan Hybrids and those who love them.

Candy (0)

We invite you to come visit click the haunts and see what we have to offer.

.::Enchantress Arcane::. (0)

Dark Hidden Island from a far from others that like to Explore it freely & with Family / Friends & Pets

Ravens Claw Original Home (0)

Ancestral homeland of Raven's Claw Clan. Travelers and explorers welcome. Be mindful we are a race of hunters but are social and honorable.